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Why Nubank chooses Mac computers and Mosyle Business to provide their employees the best and safest work experience


Nubank's story: why one of the world's largest fintechs and unicorn startup decided to adopt MacBook devices and Mosyle Business.




FinTech Startup

1,300+ Employees

12 Million+ Users

Leading financial technology company in Latin America, Nubank, is achieving significant business scale by ending traditional bank complexity and bureaucracy. With a $10 billion valuation and the most highly valued privately held startups in Latin America, Nubank is taking advantages of the Mosyle’s enterprise solution to deploy and manage the most powerful, secure device in its headquarters: Mac computers.


Like most startups, at its core Nubank has disruption in its DNA. Nubank initially offered a no-fee credit card as its key product, and now provides its customers a varied range of finance services such as digital bank accounts and debit card functions - all without complexity.

With the same zero-complexity approach they aim to provide their customers, Nubank also propagates this in its corporate culture by providing employees with a more efficient and transparent experience in the workplace. The best computer technology to further promote this is MacBook.

Many other companies and startups around the globe are deploying Mac computers in their workplace for many reasons, from the state-of-art hardware to best-in-class security within the macOS. And most importantly, Mac became the top choice of employees in Enterprise when it comes to user experience.

Why did Nubank choose Mac computers for its headquarters?

According to Diogo Comin, Infrastructure Manager at Nubank, the choice for the Mac was easy from both the hardware and software perspectives. The security aspects of Mac computers were highlighted by Comin, especially because Macs are powerful machines, designed to be protected from many hardware vulnerabilities that could affect virtual processors with malicious code, allowing technology administrators to configure important security restrictions in order to protect corporate data.

The high level of security available on the macOS operating system was also one of their main reasons for choosing Mac computers. As a FinTech startup, data privacy and security is top priority, guiding company's decisions - and it would not be different when we think of choosing the technology tools that will be adopted at work, from deploying the Mac computers to configuring these devices.

“Choosing a Mac deployment was easy considering both hardware specs and operating system security, but certainly because of the incredible user experience that we can provide users with Apple’s ecosystem.”

Diogo Comin
Diogo Comin Infrastructure Manager at Nubank

The great user experience provided by the Apple's ecosystem also figured as an important reason why the financial services startup chose to provide MacBooks to their employees. Most of Nubank's workforce are already familiar with Apple's OS, sharing the preference of using them at work. According to the company, the onboarding of the new NU's - as they call the company's employees - is faster and productivity is higher when Apple devices are in place, especially in the business teams, since they feel comfortable with the intuitive interface and workflows.

The Mac deployment also represented an investment in order to reduce the operational costs. Comin said that the Mac computer has the best long-term return on investment in Nubank's perspective. "The use of Mac undoubtedly brings the most valuable long-term return. The useful life of the device is far superior to the others available on the market”, shared Comin.

Nubank Office

The Challenge:

With Macs in place, the main challenges faced by Nubank that made them look for a brand-new Apple device management solution to further improve employee onboarding as well as reduce device management costs. In addition, their team was struggling with the lack of platform specialization and delayed support response time from their old MDM solution. They were looking for a new MDM cloud-based solution that shares the same values ​​of innovation and could fit their specific needs, as Nubank has an extremely dynamic and innovative startup culture.

The Results: Mosyle Business Optimizing Mac Deployment at Nubank

Nubank became one of the Mosyle Business Early Adopters. They are saving around 90% of their annual budget by switching their device management solution - with Mosyle Business, they are enjoying all the MDM capabilities as well as Support without extra-fees.

The Nubank Mac fleet consists of both Macs enrolled in Device Enrollment (DEP) and other Mac computers that are not compatible with Apple's enrollment program. In both cases, the Mosyle Business solution optimized the device enrollment process, as well as the management workflow, according to Gabriel Diab, System Engineer responsible for the Mac deployment.

Nubank Office

In the case of Mac devices enrolled in Device Enrollment (DEP), Nubank is taking advantage of the benefits of the zero-touch deployment. The other Macs are enrolled into the MDM solution to receive all the corporate policies and technology configurations by using the self-enrollment method in which the employee access the enrollment URL and every management profile is installed and applied on the device right away.

One of the most important features used at Nubank is the integration of MDM with Apple Business Manager (ABM) for zero-touch enrollment, as well as the distribution of applications in bulk through the Apps and Books area.

"With Mosyle's self-service feature, we've been able to open an in-house store for employees to install the softwares they need and prevent it from downloading applications that could harm the security of the computers”, said Diab.

In addition to blocking the installation of softwares that could damage the computer, Nubank uses Mosyle Business to apply settings to the Mac Fleet in bulk, according to the specificities of each company's department. Security configurations such as Passcode Policies, Wifi Authentication, and FileVault are sent remotely to the macOS devices using Mosyle Business - and all of this without affecting the employee's experience at work.

“By using the Mac device and Mosyle Business, it's possible to provide the users the easiest onboarding experience, while ensuring the Nubank data is completely safe.”

Gabriel Diab
Gabriel Diab System Engineer at Nubank

According to Diab, the streamlined Mac deployment with Mosyle Business is helping the technology team to further promote their corporate values of providing a great, zero-complexity and zero-bureaucracy experiences. In traditional banks and financial services companies, employee onboarding usually takes days, while at Nubank the employee can begin to work integrated with their team, provided with all the tools necessary to fulfill their potential on day one.