Apple Business Manager

The Apple Business Manager will help you on managing Apple devices with Automated Device Enrollment, purchasing content and creating user accounts. Integrating Apple Business Manager with the mobile device management solution is one of the top choices of IT administrators, since it simplifies workflows, automates the enrollment process and streamlines Apple deployment.

Apple Business Manager also allows you to create Managed Apple IDs for end-users within the company's domain, as well as manage corporate devices and assign them to the MDM server. Learn more about Apple Business Manager in our special article.

How do you open an Apple Business Manager account?

If your company is not enrolled in the Apple Business Manager program yet, you can request it at the Apple Business Manager portal.

If you have a Device Enrollment Program (DEP) account and/or a Volume Purchase Program (VPP) account, you need to consolidate the accounts under the Apple Business Manager.

To upgrade from Device Enrollment Program (DEP) to Apple Business Manager, please follow the instructions described in the following documentation from Apple:

It's important that your organization upgrade to Apple Business Manager. DEP will no longer be available starting December 1, 2019. You can learn more here:

How to integrate Apple Business Manager with Mosyle Business:

Mosyle Business also provides integration with Apple School Manager for Higher Ed Institutions. The workflow for integrating Apple School Manager is very similar and easy to complete: