Before You Get Started

Network Infrastructure

The Apple Enterprise Management software solution can be a very beneficial tool for both the IT department and employees, but there are several settings that are critical. The software communicates with devices through push commands that are sent by Apple’s servers as they are requested by the MDM solution, which is dependent upon a valid internet connection. That's why this infrastructure needs to be built and configured properly before moving forward. In an effort to help you establish some best practices, we’ve developed a guide to give you a hand in improving the network and getting the MDM to work seamlessly.

iOS Supervised Mode

iOS and tvOS devices can be managed under two types of modes: Supervised and Unsupervised. When supervising the devices, the company's IT administrator can apply many additional device management capabilities to the corporate devices. To learn more about the differences between these two modes and the benefits of supervising iPad, iPhone and Apple TV devices, take a look at our article that explains this procedure.

Migration Guide

We also offer a Migration Guide that summarizes the most important steps for migrating from your current Apple device management solution. In the migration guide, our team provides some great insights on the best frameworks and essential instructions that will help you succeed in your migration journey, such as documenting workflows, creating the migration plan, exporting assets and re-enrolling devices using the new solution.