Mosyle Business offers a complete API for data integration with other solutions. If you are considering using our API, please head over to Organization > “API Integration”. Then you just need to click on the toggle to enable it and get access to the API’s token. All documentation will be listed below in the articles. If you have any questions or need any additional information, feel free to reach our to our Support Team to ensure everything is properly configured.

Now that you have completed setup with your organization’s hierarchy and registered users, the last step is to enroll and assign your Apple devices to users.


Integrations with Mosyle Business

Device Enrollment with Mosyle Business has been designed to be a simple process based on the differing deployment models utilized by organizations. Besides Apple Business Manager, other integrations can be used for importing and registering your users. These include Active Directory, Spreadsheet, Manual Registration and API. We will go in-depth with each of these integrations in this area.