Mosyle Business Fundamentals

Mosyle Business is an Apple-only mobile device management solution built to help technology teams in Enterprise deploy, configure and manage Apple devices while reducing overall IT costs. Mosyle Business is the most flexible MDM solution currently available on the market. Our MDM platform tailors itself to the different business industries, making available the features and integrations that technology teams need the most.

Our Apple device management solution is a fully-featured solution, providing you with device and identity management capabilities. By using our Enterprise MDM solution, you can integrate the solution with Apple Business Manager, and take advantage of Device Enrollment and Apps and Books. Higher Ed Institutions that use Apple Business Manager can also integrate this Apple Program with Mosyle Business since we provide an exclusive version of the solution for Higher Education institutions.

In addition to remotely deploying, configuring and managing Apple devices, you can take advantage of identity management and user provisioning, available with Single-Sign On and Mosyle Auth with Login Screen Window for macOS devices when you use Mosyle Business Premium.

Mosyle Business is only compatible with Apple devices such as iPhone devices, iPad devices, Mac computers and Apple TVs. Our platform works smoothly with the following OS versions:

For the best experience when managing your Apple devices, we highly recommend that you update your devices to the latest operating system version since some features might require the latest version of the OS. We currently recommend that your devices run macOS Catalina, iOS 13 and iPadOS.

This walkthrough of Mosyle Business will help you understand the platform as well as the management tools available under each tab:


In this area, you can find the Information Summary of your device fleet, as well as the snapshots of Alerts on the platform. You’ll also have the chance to explore our Enrollment Assistant and have quick access to the most used management profiles.


In this tab, you will find the features you need to create your hierarchy by adding user groups. You’ll also be able to complete the integration(s) you need to get ready with Mosyle Business. Scroll down the menu on the left to see the preferences available for your account. After you configure your account, you can navigate to the Management tab where you’ll be able to create the management profiles that will be applied to your devices.


Once you are in this tab, you can choose the operating system using the dropdown menu. The Devices area is where you can manage the devices in bulk, sending commands quickly to multiple devices. You can also manage Device Groups and applications. Scrolling down the menu, you will see all the management profiles available for that particular operating system. With this guide, you’ll learn how to configure management profiles.


In the support tab, you are able to submit support tickets, as well as find more information about the features provided by Mosyle Business in the Help Center area.