How using iPads can enhance employee training and benefit your company

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by Mosyle Team


How using iPads can enhance employee training and benefit your company

When training employees, you want to ensure that the process is smooth and that it not only makes it easy for them to perform their job, but also reflects well on your company. Employee training should be an enjoyable process that lets employees know that they are valued.

Complicated training processes and binders full of corporate training information can be overwhelming, especially for newer employees. Make training an easier process by investing in technology such as the iPad, which can reduce stress for you and your employees.

Using the iPad as a tool for training has many benefits, such as engaging employees throughout the learning experience as well as reducing the time it takes to prepare the employee training. These advantages will also result in a significant return on investment for your company. In this article, we’ll go over those benefits and share how using iPads for training can position your business for success.

Engaging user-experience when using iPads for training

The training process reflects on a company’s commitment to its employees and its values, so it’s important that the information presented during training be engaging. Doing so will also keep your employees focused and motivated. Creating an engaging training session can be done using the iPad’s multi-purpose capabilities.

Presenting information visually, with applications, graphics, videos and interactive materials, in a way that makes your employees feel like they are part of the company's process creates an enjoyable end-user experience.

The iPad is an easy to use device that unleashes innovation and promotes an accessible mobile experience for all. You can add or give access to certain incredible applications, such as the iWork suite and all its brand new features that comes with the Apple Pencil. This helps the company's leaders express important information and share knowledge and expertise with the employees.

If text-based instructions are necessary for your company, you can use the many capabilities available on the iPad that makes this content even more engaging. You can simply add training materials to the iPad so the end-user views the PDFs and Books easily. This helps solidify the important information conveyed during training sessions.

We recommend using iPads for a more engaging process because it trains your employees to effectively carry out their job while providing an enjoyable experience, increasing engagement in your workplace.

But have you ever considered that using iPads can also reduce the time spent on preparing employee trainings?

Spend less time on preparing employee training

So we’ve gone over how the iPad is a powerful device that can help you create an engaging training process at your workplace. But another huge benefit of using iPads for employee training is that it can save time for the IT team that is tasked with setting up the Apple devices.

Imagine if you have to provide training materials for hundreds of employees. Using printed instructions/documents to train employees requires a lot of paper and might not be the best way for employees to learn complex information, and it can take up a lot of time.

How can you optimize the effort put into organizing training sessions? By using iPads integrated with a mobile device management (MDM) solution.

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MDM solutions that have zero-touch deployment can exponentially increase the time you save when training employees because the setup is fast and simple. There are less steps involved in using iPads for training, which saves time by allowing your employees to access information quickly.

For example, if you need certain training materials such as PDFs and Books sent to the iPads used for training, this can be done by the IT team through an MDM solution. Your employees can then see the information they need with the click of a button.

When you save time using the iPad for training, your employees can easily get the information they need and get to work implementing what they’ve learned. The time saved can be spent on propelling your business forward to achieve organizational goals.

Using an MDM solution can also help you secure sensitive corporate data when provisioning those Apple devices. A unique feature of MDM is device authentication, which requires users to log in so they can access the device and the appropriate apps, books, etc.

Device authentication ensures that only authorized people can access the materials. This saves you money that would go into protecting corporate information after a data breach has occurred and keeps your employees safe as well.

Achieving your organizational goals is made easier with the iPad. MDM solutions help you easily preconfigure your Apple devices so they’re ready to go as soon as your employees walk in. By using iPads for training, your IT team saves time by streamlining device deployment using MDM, and your employees are immersed in an engaging training that helps them prepare for their future at your organization.