How integrating Munki with your MDM solution is right for your business

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by Mosyle Team


How integrating Munki with your MDM solution is right for your business

The right mobile device management solutions or supplemental tools can either propel a company forward or weigh down the company, slowing down progress. This is why Apple device management can play an integral role in a company’s success, which is especially true if those devices are part of day-to-day operations. There are currently many tools that can assist a company in reaching their technology goals, and one of those is Munki, a tool favored by Mac admins everywhere.

In this article, we’ll go over what Munki is, how it can help your company achieve its goals and we’ll provide some information about how to integrate Munki with your MDM solution.

What is Munki

Munki is an easy to use third-party set of tools used by Mac admins to manage software and settings on Mac computers. Munki is open source and gives users many options that enhance the end-user experience and streamline software deployment across the Mac computers fleet. According to the official website for the tool, Munki can be used with a webserver-based repository packages and package metadata.

Munki provides users with its very own application store known as the Managed Software Center which allows you to install and remove software. Installing and removing software in bulk for macOS is a huge advantage of using this Munki because you can remotely configure devices in a way that’s simpler than before.

One of the biggest features of Munki is the community that comes along with it as well as the constant improvements that are being made to the set of tools. You can also configure Munki to install Apple Software Updates.

When integrated with a mobile device management (MDM) solution and Device Enrollment in Apple Business Manager, Munki can play a key role in optimizing workflows to make deploying Mac computers easier.

Why integrate Munki with an MDM solution for Business?

It’s important for any business to streamline certain processes so you can maximize your time and your budget. With access to Munki, you can make macOS software deployment an easier process, but why stop there? We’ve already mentioned how manually managing devices can be painstakingly long process. Integrating your MDM solution with Munki can make for a powerful combination that helps your company take advantage of time-saving capabilities such as zero-touch deployment.

When you integrate Munki with an MDM solution like Mosyle Business, the client configuration process is automated. This can result in a huge return on investment, such as saving you time which you can use to grow your business and maximizing your budget. Take for example if your company has hundreds of Mac computers that have to be configured using Munki. Mosyle Business completes this process in just a few clicks so that all the proper software and configurations are distributed to a group of devices.

Without an MDM solution integrated with Munki, you’d have to configure each Mac client manually which can be a time-consuming process. Integrating Munki with Mosyle Business is simple and can be done in a few different ways. To improve the user experience, we also provide a self-service feature for end-users, in this case your employees, which allows them to choose which software and applications to install on Mac computers.

How to integrate Munki

While most MDM solutions offer similar workflows for integrating Munki because the providers follow Apple’s MDM protocol, the process can vary slightly based on the specific solution itself. We recommend following the workflow for your MDM software. We’ve provided the various ways in which you can integrate Munki below:

You can configure the InstallApplication PKG when creating the Device Enrollment (DEP) profile for the Mac computers enrolled Apple Business Manager. This ensures that Apple devices are ready to go when end-users simply open the box. We recommend this option for Mosyle Business.

Munki also has an install enterprise-app feature that allows you to install the Munki PKG. Make sure to follow the correct installation workflow for your MDM solution. Mosyle Business provides a specific area where you can generate PKGs and create the management profile to be sent to Mac devices in order to install the Munki PKG.

You can also remotely run scripts in order to integrate Munki with your MDM solution. This is one of the most popular ways Mac admins choose to deploy Munki.

Munki provides you with a powerful set of tools that can help you manage your software in a way that saves you time and effort. Combined with MDM solutions such as Mosyle Business, you can elevate Mac management for your company.

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