The ROI of Apple device management for Business

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by Mosyle Team


The ROI of Apple device management for Business

Deciding if your company should invest in a mobile device management (MDM) solution for Apple devices can be difficult and you may find yourself wondering: is it worth it? If I have a small business, will it make a difference?

It’s always important to look at everything your company is doing to reach its goals and re-evaluate if adding an MDM solution to the mix can help propel your business forward. One way to see if MDM would be an important addition to your company is by analyzing and measuring the return on investment (ROI) of mobile device management.

In this article, we’ll look at the ROI of Apple device management solutions, outlining some of the workflows and areas of your company where you can easily measure the ROI of implementing an MDM solution for your business. This way, you’ll know if investing in an MDM solution is right for you.

Decrease device setup time

When you invest in a mobile device management solution for your company, you reduce the time spent on setting up devices. In turn, you and your team can spend more time on cultivating your business, allowing you to reach your business goals faster. This is especially true when you use an MDM solution that uses a zero-touch deployment method, which cuts down your deployment times even more.

You might think that if you have a small business, MDM is not the right choice for you at this time, but MDM is even more important for smaller companies. Think about it this way, if you have Apple devices to deploy, enroll and manage and you choose to automate those processes instead of doing it manually, you can spend the saved time on other aspects of your business. You can then focus more on developing your solution, or building your marketing plan or strengthen the relationships with your customers, for example. This form of ROI can be measured in the form of productivity and company output, and you can even use revenue as a variable.

Investing in an MDM solution means that you can manage your fleet easily and it also makes managing those devices a more manageable task for your IT staff. An MDM solution is key to maximizing your time effectively so you can focus on more strategic tasks that can help grow your small business.

Reduce operational costs cutting down on-site visits

A return on investment of mobile device management solutions can come from various areas, saving you money in more ways than one. We should also consider how it reduces the amount of tickets your current IT specialists are tasked with solving. The less service tickets there are, the more time can be spent on strategic optimization of your company’s technology.

An MDM solution can also maximize your investment in applications, softwares and books licenses, because when you use Apple Business Manager integrated with an MDM solution, you can use a variation of device-based distribution that allows you to revoke the license when needed and re-assign app licenses to other end-users. The ROI of an MDM solution can also be viewed on a much larger scale.

For example, if your business is in need of an MDM solution because investing in one is integral to your company’s mission, then this would result in a huge ROI that will help your company on the path to success. This can be easily measured by evaluating the impact of MDM on your company’s budget.

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Cut down expenses on data usage

A big aspect of mobile device management is the fact that you can manage permissions of access for end-users, which allows you to save on mobile data and also the costs associated with that. This is especially important for keeping everyone on track and increasing productivity, and can be useful in the workplace. There are several ways MDM can help you accomplish this, all of which have added benefits.

MDM solutions offer the option of allowing and blocking certain apps on devices, which avoid end-users from accessing social media during work, for example. If you’d like to block websites, you can do so by filtering web content within your MDM solution.

You can manage which websites are allowed and block sites like Netflix or Facebook, reducing the potential distractions, but not only that. Managing the access permissions also helps keep your end-users safe, which brings another huge return on investment. bringing another huge return on investment in addition to the data and money that you are saving in the process which are both measurable variables.

Mitigate security risks and reduce costs

Using an MDM solution gives you more control over your Apple devices, which can also provide more security. When a company has devices with internet access, it can open the company up to security risks both for corporate and personal data. MDM solutions help you configure your devices, especially Mac computers, in a way that keeps privacy and security at the forefront. Solutions such as Mosyle Business provide you with features that protect your corporate data in many ways.

Take the case of Nubank, the leading financial technology company in Latin America, who chose to use an MDM solution that is tailored to fit their innovative startup. They have gone on to save around 90% of their annual budget by using Mosyle Business, and invested in Mac devices which was key to their company’s workflow.

By using bulk distribution for apps through the ABM's Apps and Books area and Mosyle Business, employees at Nubank were able to install only the necessary software without downloading apps that might be harmful. Features like passcode policies set requirements for passwords such as minimum length.

MDM solutions also ensure that Wi-fi networks are configured properly for Apple devices. You also have the option of remotely installing certificates on specific devices, which protects your corporate data and gives you more control. These are just a few examples of how using an MDM solution provides an even bigger ROI by protecting your corporate data, devices and employees. This way, you can avoid the cost of dealing with a security breach while keeping your employees safe.

Apple-only mobile device management solutions can result in a huge return on investment (ROI) that benefits both you and your employees by saving time, optimizing your efforts and increasing productivity all while keeping your corporate date safe. Which, in turn, can help your company achieve its financial and organizational goals.

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