The top 5 pieces of software to distribute across your company's Mac fleet to enhance productivity

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by Mosyle Team


The top 5 pieces of software to distribute across your  company's Mac fleet to enhance productivity

Enhancing productivity is a top priority when it comes to businesses, especially when it comes to meeting deadlines and staying on task. There are many programs available to distribute across your company’s Mac fleet to help with that, especially when Mac computers have endless capabilities.

In this article, we will give an in-depth look at some of the best pieces of software you can download to improve organization and efficiency. With tools such as MindNode, Keyboard Maestro and Station, your company’s employees will enjoy working on their tasks more than ever. We’ll go over what each application does and how to download them to your Mac computers.


This is the perfect application for brainstorming ideas and help employees be more engaged and creative. MindNode allows you to view all of your thoughts at once, and group ones that are connected together. What makes this app great for productivity is the fact that the more detailed your brainstorming branches are, the more you can do. When all of your ideas are collected, you can rearrange the branches, add sub-branches and streamline your thoughts with different layouts and types of organizational branches.

With MindNode, you can enable Focus Mode if you are working on multiple brainstorming maps to keep the center of attention on one task or idea. You are able to keep track of your progress, use different themes and icons, and write notes for each branch. This will also help boost inspiration as well, so you can get the most out of your work projects.

You can download MindNode and see all of the features here:

Keyboard Maestro

The Keyboard Maestro allows you to do a number of tasks at once, including switching back and forth through applications, launching apps, controlling websites and so much more through shortcuts on your keyboard. You can set custom shortcuts to automate tasks and processes that are used often, such as typing in your email address or going to a certain website, or even use them to create reports and download files.

The Keyboard Maestro comes with several other features, including Clipboard History Switcher to manage clipboards and the Window Switcher to switch between windows on your screen. There’s even a feature that enables you to set up your Mac computer to be ready with your desired apps or windows at a certain time of the day. With this application, employees can work on their Mac computers faster and easier than ever, saving time and boosting efficiency.

Learn more about what Keyboard Maestro can do for your employee’s productivity here:


Company employees often have many responsibilities throughout the day, and Wunderlist can help manage their daily assignments. This app is essentially a to-do list, and helps you stay organized and focused. Wunderlist allows you to personalize lists, set reminders and due dates and even have a customized daily planner. You also have the ability to view upcoming tasks, daily tasks or tasks from the previous day.

The great thing about Wunderlist is that it also lets you share your list to collaborate with others. Colleagues working on a project together can be assigned different tasks through the app or assign tasks to other people in the group, as well as attach files or notes. Once an employee is finished with their task, whether in a group or individually, they will be able to mark it as done to remove it from the list.

Manage your daily tasks with Wunderlist here:


Businesses typically have several apps that their staff works with, which can be tricky to navigate. Station provides organization and different modes to enhance productivity on Mac computers. With this application, you can group different apps together through pages to find and access similar apps, such as Communication & Collaboration, Storage, Task & Project Management and more.

Station allows you to switch between recently used apps, as well as group by app so that tabs are shorter and more functional. This app also has a do not disturb, app mute or focus mode, so that you only get notifications for the applications you’re solely working on, or to mute the apps of your choice.

Check out all the features of Station and how it can organize your Mac computer here:


Alfred is another organizational program to boost productivity and increase efficiency. With this application, you can use hotkeys and keywords to customize your Mac computer’s search and activity capabilities and improve workflow. With the Clipboard History feature, you can search for any text or file that you’ve copied previously to paste again without having to go through the process of copying and pasting it from its original page.

Using keywords is a large part of Alfred, which allows you to create system commands, perform navigations, open recent documents and more. You can use Quick Look to preview a file or document without opening it, or use the Email function to find a file from a previous email and attach it to a new one. Alfred has a number of other features such as default searches, shell integration and integration with 1Password.

Learn how to use Alfred on your company’s Mac computers here:

These software applications are all available through the Self-Service app, an MDM feature that can bring more autonomy to the end-user. Learn about what a Self-Service app is and how it can benefit your company here.