What is Apple Business Manager?

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by Mosyle Team


What is Apple Business Manager?

When it comes to managing iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV devices at work, Apple provides great deployment programs to help IT administrators along the way. By gathering all the information you need to deploy and manage devices on a single platform within the Apple Business Manager account, Apple made workflows more intuitive and easier for us. With ABM, you can definitely achieve your IT goals effortlessly while saving both your time and your company's budget.

Apple Business Manager is a web-based portal that combines the Device Enrollment Program (DEP) and Apps and Books area, former Volume Purchase Program (VPP). Using Apple Business Manager, you can deploy iOS devices, Mac computers and Apple TV. You can also purchase and distribute content, distribute app licenses and manage roles in their organizations.

Being such a critical tool for Administrators to manage their devices, in this article, we’ll provide you with information about what Apple Business Manager is, what the benefits are and how to integrate it with your mobile device management solution.

What capabilities Apple Business Manager provides to IT administrators?

Apple Business Manager provides you with the following features:

MDM servers

You can assign MDM servers to your account within ABM by providing a name and authorization information.

MDM devices

You can assign devices to your servers using the order number or serial number.

Server tokens

Download your token and use this to establish a connection between your ABM account and your MDM server.

Device orders

You can use your device order number generated by Apple to add device information into ABM all at once.

How to open your ABM account

To open an ABM account, you simply have to visit business.apple.com. Click enroll now and fill out the information for your company or organization. Once you submit the form, Apple will provide feedback within five days. You’ll receive an email with your Apple ID information if your account is approved.

This email will request that the verification contact confirm or delegate administration. Then, you will be asked to create the managed Apple ID. If you’re already enrolled in DEP, you have to upgrade your account. Visit deploy.apple.com, follow the onscreen instructions and upgrade your account.

Device Enrollment Program (DEP) within Apple Business Manager

Easily deploy and configure your Apple devices using the Device Enrollment Program (DEP) within the Apple Business Manager since this program streamlines deployment, making it quicker and easier, especially with the help of automated supervision and device enrollment.

The Devices area located within ABM is where you will see all your devices listed on your account, as well where you can you assign the Mosyle MDM server in ABM and complete the integration within Mosyle Business.

Until iOS 10, organizations can enroll in DEP if it buys its Apple devices directly from Apple, from a participating Apple Authorized Reseller or from a cellular carrier. With iOS 11 and tvOS 11, IT admins are able to enroll in DEP devices purchased from all kinds of channels using the Apple Configurator 2 software.

You will then be able to manage your devices using Mosyle Business, the MDM for Enterprise. This area is also where you can view assignment history and assign roles.

Zero-Touch Deployment

Saving time is one of the biggest benefits when using a mobile device management solution integrated with ABM. But with Mosyle Business, you can save even more with zero-touch deployment. This means that the user doesn’t have to configure the device manually, instead this can be done by the admin remotely. When your end-user receives the device, all they have to do is take it out of the box and it’s ready to go. Zero-touch deployment is key in cutting down time so you can deploy your fleet of devices quickly.

Integrate ABM with MDM

Integrating ABM with your mobile device management solution is key to leveraging your device deployment and management. Doing this simplifies workflows, makes the enrollment process automated and streamlines your Apple device deployment. Integrating your ABM account with Mosyle Business is easy! To start the process, read our Getting Started guide, which outlines all the steps necessary to complete the integration.

What is Apps and Books within Apple Business Manager?

Resources play one of the most important roles in enhancing productivity and innovation in the workplace.The Apps and Books section is where you can purchase these items in bulk. More specifically, you can buy apps, books and custom apps in bulk for your Apple devices. This way, you can save time by distributing those apps and books to devices en masse. You can also transfer app licenses and share licenses.

What are the benefits of Apps and Books?

When you use the Apps and Books area, you can purchase licenses, search and organize content and distribute purchases to you users or devices directly. Read more about this type of content distribution by visiting Apple Support. This area is also where administrators can revoke and assign app licenses using Managed Distribution through the MDM solution. Apple’s Apps and Books is what was previously referred to as the Volume Purchase Program (VPP).

By combining and seamlessly integrating both the Apps and Books area and the Device Enrollment Program (DEP), using ABM with an MDM solution can simplify your Apple device deployment. You can start integrating your ABM account into Mosyle Business by logging in to your account and by checking out the Getting Started Guide here. If you don’t already have an account, click here to create your free account.