Why should I consider switching MDM solutions?

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by Mosyle Team


Why should I consider switching MDM solutions?

Considering switching your Apple mobile device management solution is a big step that will impact not only your work, but also your company and the workplace. Apple devices are at the center of many organizations around the globe that offer employees the best devices for a better work experience.

And why can’t you, as a CTO, Technology Director or System Administrator, have a good experience while managing those devices? We truly believe you should experience not just a good, but an enjoyable and delightful experience when you are managing iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV devices. And most important: without breaking your budget.

Why you should consider switching your Apple mobile device management solution? We'll show you.

Reduce Technology Department Costs

One critical aspect when considering switching solutions, is definitely feature set vs pricing. How can you save your budget, relocating it in order to optimize your processes with innovative solutions that don’t break your budget, while providing a great service?

First, think about the most important MDM capabilities for your department in order to manage the Apple devices and compare if there’s any mobile device management solution that provides these features for a better price.

Currently, the market average price for one license is around US$ 6.15 per device/month. Mosyle Business provides extended Apple MDM protocol capabilities with self-developed features to accomplish system-level tasks, like running custom scripts, and installing packages with the most cost-effective plan available.

At Mosyle, we combined the best techniques used by all great exponential startups to create a well-fitted, reliable, and scalable MDM solution without breaking the budget, allowing us to price the device correctly.

That’s why we can help you save up to 70% - 90% of your MDM budget, while providing you all the features you need. In addition, we don’t charge any other extra fee. Check if your current MDM solution taxes any extra fee, since many MDM vendors charge different fees for setup, onboarding and support.

Mosyle Business doesn’t charge any extra fee, helping you to deploy your Apple devices with an intuitive onboarding flow and a great, reliable support team- all included in our premium plan. Charges are based on a pre-paid subscription for the number of devices to be enrolled in the MDM. Simple as that.

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Have a Better Experience with a Tailored Platform

For sure, not only pricing is on the radar when switching MDM solutions, you are definitely looking for the best experience you can have. Managing the Apple devices of your organization is a great responsibility. The way you deploy and manage the devices is critical to boost productivity in the workforce, as well as to ensure security and privacy of corporate data. So if you have in your hands an intuitive platform, that helps you do that in the easiest way, making you feel confident with the workflows, you'll finally be able to achieve these technology goals.

We truly believe that Apple-related software should deliver what Apple delivers: intuitiveness, great experience, and powerful solutions. That’s why Mosyle Business simplifies workflows and helps you deploy your Apple devices in the most enjoyable way - no matter what method you choose, including zero-touch deployment using Apple Business Manager and DEP. With meaningful workflows, you are finally able to scale your Apple deployment and keep track of everything in the most easy and secure way.

And since we don’t believe in the “one-fits-all” formula for softwares, we provide the most flexible MDM solution that tailors itself to your deployment. According to your industry and deployment, the platform automatically adjusts itself to meet your needs.

Finally Achieve the Success You Want

At the end, what really matters is that you achieve the success you want in your Apple deployment. Pricing as well as feature set are definitely key-points when you are pursuing that, but another aspect is tremendously important: the people that can support you along this way.

Our Support and Customer Success teams are widely known as one of the most reliable in the mobile device management market, leveraging the support experience to a brand-new level. Our specialists analyze your question quickly through our smart ticketing system and get back to you fast through any necessary communication channels.

Our mission is to build the most delightful experience while managing devices, and we understand that every touch we have with you, is a unique moment in our relationship. Together on this journey, we are committed with your success, providing all the support you need along the way, and most importantly: truly listening to what you have to say.

That's what it is: our passion is helping you and only that encourages us to provide a remarkable experience for you and all of the customers in our community. And that's only the beginning of our journey together - there will be a lot of news along the way!