Document Workflows

We always recommend documenting your workflows to help organize the responsibilities of your team and the overall framework. Any successful MDM migration is made easier when you have a plan of action that includes the necessary steps that must be completed.

What workflows are most important to document? Ask yourself the following questions and use your answers to build your migration plan:

  • Does your company have an Apple Business Manager account?
  • Are your organizational hierarchies/end-users organized in your current MDM software?
  • Does your company use G-Suite or Microsoft Azure AD for identity management? Is that part of your current MDM?
  • What are the Wi-Fi Configurations and Security Certificates?
  • What are the most important management profiles for your school?
  • How do you manage and distribute corporate content? Do you use Apps and Books or PKG files?
  • How did you enroll the devices in your current MDM solution? Was wiping the devices required?

Download the checklist with the questions listed above, and if there are options of making any part of these processes easier, make a note of it.

Based on how you answer these questions, you can create a seamless migration plan. The next step is to start exporting assets and stored data, which we’ll go over in the next chapter.