Export Assets and Store Data

Before exporting the assets that you have in your current MDM solution, make sure to organize them in a way that makes it easier for your team to import them in Mosyle Business.

Here are some of the assets that you should organize to import later:

  • Wi-Fi Authentication details (SCEP and/or VPN configurations)
  • Scripts
  • Packages
  • Allowed/Blocked Apps
  • Restrictions
  • Apps available on self-service

We also recommend exporting the device inventory from your current MDM solution (with the organizational tags and basic device fleet information).

Depending on the enrollment method you’ve chosen for your devices, a wipe of the devices might be required. That’s why it’s important to store any important data from those devices so it can be imported later. Take a look at what you can store using your preferred cloud-based storage service.

For example, if you’re enrolling iOS devices using Apple Business Manager and Device Enrollment (formerly DEP), it’s necessary to wipe the devices.

Important note: remember to revoke the app licenses before refreshing your corporate devices.

As mentioned earlier, you can integrate Apple Business Manager which gives you access to Apps and Books.