2Behind the scenes - APNs

What goes on behind the scenes when using a mobile device management solution? It all begins with the Apple Push Notification service (APNs) Certificate that establishes a trusted connection between your Apple devices and Mosyle’s server. That's why it is the first step when setting up your Mosyle Business account.

Only through the Push Certificate (APNs) will the iPhone, iPad and Mac devices receive the MDM commands that you will send using Mosyle Business. After you create your APNs Certificate, you can start to enroll and manage your devices.

When you save a management profile using Mosyle Business, Mosyle’s server queues up the commands and sends a notification to each Apple device via the Apple Push Notification Service (APNs). Once the device receives the notification, it checks in and connects with the Mosyle server to download and apply the command.

Take a look at the image below to learn more about this workflow:

Behind the Scenes - APNs
  • 1) Mosyle Business generates the commands and sends a request for APNs to communicate with the devices that need to have the command applied.
  • 2) Apple’s APNs sends a push notification to each device, requesting that the device connects with the Mosyle Business server, which requires Internet connection.
  • 3) Each device connects to the Mosyle Business server and receives one command at a time, applies it, and sends the response to Mosyle Business. This process is repeated for every pending command.
  • 4) For commands involving applications, such as install and update apps, and iOS updates, this workflow is slightly different. Based on the information about the apps that need to be installed or updated, each Apple device will connect with Apple iTunes servers to validate the license and download the app. It’s a direct connection between each device and the Apple servers.