The MDM solution is a management software that provides IT administrators the ability to remotely configure the organizations' devices such as the iPhone, iPad and Mac devices, being able to prepare the ideal digital workspace, keeping corporate data secure and helping employees to be more productive.

But, for the proper use of the MDM software solution, your Network Configuration and Infrastructure should meet some requirements, allowing the Apple devices to communicate with the mobile device management solution.

Sometimes the MDM server can’t reach the Apple devices, and in a majority of these cases there’s a common issue: your network infrastructure. When talking about setting up and configuring iOS, tvOS and macOS devices using an MDM solution, consistent and dependable access to a wireless network is extremely critical. Proxies, firewall ports, DHCP leasing time, and simultaneous connections, can be a few reasons why your Apple devices are unable to reach the servers of Apple and Mosyle.

So, we asked our developers to join former Apple System Engineers to help us provide you with some best practices and tips that are essential to your network infrastructure. Read our guide or share it with the IT pro responsible for the network within your organization.

Behind the Scenes - APNs