Release Notes, April 2019

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by Mosyle Team


Release Notes, April 2019

Release Notes is our update that highlights the new features of Mosyle Business as well as recent product improvements we’ve made to help you manage Apple devices at work. Here's what we've launched in April 2019!

SSO and Mosyle Auth Beta

Now you can enjoy unique features and authentication abilities that leverage your Apple deployment and empower end-users to have a single unified login for Apple devices to provide access to the tools, apps, software and configurations users need through Mosyle's Self-Service app (both macOS and iOS) and Login Screen Window on Mac computers. Learn more about Single Sign-On and the Mosyle Auth beta solutions here.

Microsoft AD Azure Integration

Now you're able to integrate Microsoft AD Azure to Mosyle Business. Navigate to the Organization tab and click “Microsoft AD Azure Integration”. Next, click “Add new profile” and follow the onscreen steps to integrate the account to Mosyle. By clicking on “Settings”, you’ll be able to configure the parameters of the integration.

Improvements on VPN profile

New settings: VPN On Demand Rules

When configuring IPSec or Custom SSL VPN types, you are able to configure advanced options when creating the profile. Within the VPN profile, select the desired type and check the "Enable VPN on Demand" option. Finally, configure the advanced options. Available for both iOS and macOS devices.

New settings: Per app VPN configuration

Now you are able to add a custom configuration per application for a VPN. When creating the VPN management profile, select Custom SSL and check the "Per-App VPN software" option to set up the bundle ID and other information. After creating the VPN profile, navigate to the Install App profile and add the generated VPN UUID key to the App Config. Available for both iOS and macOS devices.

Improvements on Local User profile for macOS

Delete Local User

Now you can delete the local user account that was created through the Mosyle dashboard. To do this, check the option when creating the management profile. Heads up: by enabling this option, when the local user account is deleted the user will lose ANY and ALL local personal files saved on the computer.

View Details

Now you are able to view all the details of the Local User management profile. Click "View Details" in the management profile to check it out.

Improvements on Apple School Manager Integration

ABM/AD Auto-sync delay

Now you are able to choose the time when data will be synced from ASM to your Mosyle account. Available for Higher Ed institutions only.

New Warning about ASM issues

Now you’ll receive a warning right away when there is an issue with your Apple School Manager integration when you access your Mosyle Business dashboard. Available for Higher Ed Institutions only.

Checksum Hash on macOS preferences

Now you are able to view the Mosyle agent checksum hash in the Preferences for the macOS platform. A checksum hash is a way to make sure that the content is authentic and not manipulated by an unauthorized third party, and/or has not been damaged during the download process.

Device Assignment History

Now you are able to see the Device Assignment History by navigating to the Device Info area.

Improvements for Content Management:

Hide Install Apps via App Store from Admin

Primary Leaders can now hide the option for Admin users to install apps with the installation source as the App Store. Doing this will only allow users to install apps with the installation source of VPP.

View VPP License Information

Now you can see within the Install App profile the number of VPP licenses available right below the app's name and icon.

Remove books when removing the assignment

Now when you remove the assignment of a book to a device, you have the option to automatically remove the downloaded book from the device. Available for Uploaded files only.

Auto-update Apps Installed via Self-Service

Now you can select to auto-update applications installed via the Self-Service area on student and teacher devices. Configure this option when creating the Install App profile.

Improvements on the Web Filter profile:

New settings: option to block Google domains

Now you are able to select whether or not the Web Filter will block Google domains. *We recommend leaving Google domains unblocked as many other websites and applications rely on the use of Google domains.

New settings: Whitelist Bookmark on iOS devices

Now you can set up a new option on the Web Filter profile to manage the Whitelist Bookmark and Favorite websites on iOS devices.

Other Improvements:

Create an alert to check if there are duplicated Serial Numbers enrolled in the Mosyle account

Be alerted when there are multiple management profiles with the same name

Filter the Shared devices based on logged in user

Filter the Shared devices based on logged in user

Check whether DEP devices are enrolled or not through labels

Check if the iOS device has a passcode in the Bulk Operations area

Add user variables on the calDAV within the Calendar profile