Business Product Update, December 2019

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by Mosyle Team


Business Product Update, December 2019

Release Notes is our update that highlights the new features of Mosyle Business as well as recent product improvements we’ve made to help you manage Apple devices at work. Here's what we've launched in December 2019!

Mosyle Business has enhanced features of tools that are currently available, as well as provided new features for your company. With our release notes, we will tell you about all the latest updates to help you deploy and manage your Apple devices this year. Here’s what we’ve launched in December 2019:

Filter devices by Enrollment method on "Devices" and "Device Groups" tabs

Now you can filter devices by Enrollment Method in the Devices or Device Groups areas, making it even easier to locate the device(s) you might like to apply a needed command or review the Device Information for.

Click on "+ Add Filter" > Filter by Enrollment Method > and select the method from the list. After choosing the method, only the devices enrolled using this specific method will be displayed on your screen. To remove the filter, click "Clear Filter".

Configure full-screen option for Web Clip within the Home Layout profile

What used to only be available when configuring and deploying via the Web Clip profile is now available when configuring the Home Layout profile! You can now select the option to open the Web Clip in full screen mode when creating a Web Clip(s).

To configure these settings, navigate to Management > Home Layout, and when creating a Web Clip, select the purple globe, then the option "Open in full-screen".

Customize Welcome Text in Automated Device Enrollment Setup Assistant

Now you can also customize the text for the Welcome Title available during the Setup Assistant when enrolling devices using the Automated Device Enrollment method.

To configure it, navigate to the Basic Setup area > Select Enrollment > Automated Device Enrollment > Customize Setup Assistant > Manage Screens. Click on Welcome from the menu at the top and edit the text.

Manage upcoming assignments using the Assign Devices feature

If you’ve previously used the Assign Devices feature, the following additional features are now also available to you:

  • Download a spreadsheet with a list of the current assignments, users/carts in CSV format.
  • Remove assignments for devices that have not yet been enrolled in the same section.

Filter users with or without a device assignment on the User list

Now you can filter users with or without device assignment in the user areas. Navigate to the "Organization" tab and select the users area from the menu on the left. Then, select if you'd like to filter the users with or without a device assignment from the dropdown menu at the top of the screen.