Release Notes, February 2019

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by Mosyle Team


Release Notes, February 2019

Release Notes is our update that highlights the new features of Mosyle Business as well as recent product improvements we’ve made to help you manage Apple devices at work. Here's what we've launched in February 2019!

Network Usage Rules Profile

You can now specify how network connection, such as cellular data and roaming, can access managed applications installed on the users’ devices. Important note: these policies only apply to managed apps.

You can block cellular data and roaming to have access to specific managed apps, by selecting the application through the list of installed apps. It's also possible to block it by adding a wildcard match. To apply this device policy, navigate to Management > Network Usage Rules > and configure the management profile following the onscreen steps.

Certificate Transparency Profile

Now you can control Certificate Transparency enforcement, disabling it for Domains and/or for Certificates. Important note: this management profile is applied in system level (System-Scope) on macOS devices.

To disable Certificate Transparency for Domains, just add the list of domains in the field available when creating the management profile. If you would like to disable it for the Certificate, you need to add the certificate’s hash key. To generate the hash key, follow the steps described in the management profile.

Send Custom Pop-up Message

Now you are able to configure a custom pop-up message to Mac computers, sending a personalized alert for selected macOS devices. It’s possible to add a specific URL that the user can access by clicking the Pop-Up Message, or just send a custom message.

You can also choose the view mode, choosing if you’ll allow users to minimise or re-size the pop-up. It’s also possible to force the window in the foreground and block the users from closing the pop-up during a specific period of time. To configure a custom Pop-Up Message, navigate to the Devices area within the Management tab.