Release Notes, November 2019

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by Mosyle Team


Release Notes, November 2019

Release Notes is our update that highlights the new features of Mosyle Business as well as recent product improvements we’ve made to help you manage Apple devices at work. Here's what we've launched in November 2019!

Mosyle Business has added many new features and provided enhancements to some that are currently available for your company. We’ve provided you with all the latest updates to help you deploy and manage your Apple devices for the new year. Here’s what we’ve launched in November 2019:

Mosyle Beta

Your company can now choose to join the Mosyle Beta program, which includes exclusive features available for your team to test before the official release of the device management capabilities. You will be able to select the devices that will be enrolled on Mosyle Beta, creating a testing environment for your business.

New Mosyle Mac Agent capabilities (6.1 beta)

Mosyle Business has further optimized Mac Agent. Here are all the new features available on the new application:

  • Proactive Mac Agent: This will provide you with Device Info even faster without the need to force the Update Info through the web-based dashboard.
  • App & PKG Installation Bar: You can now follow the progress of the installation of applications and software that were distributed using packages (PKG files) and the Apple's Apps and Books (formerly VPP) methods.
  • View Installed Extensions & View Installed Printers: With this version of our Mac Agent, you will be able to check out information about Apps, Printers and Chrome Extensions that were installed, updated and/or removed from the Mac computers, as well as general inventory information available on the Device Info.
  • Security Details: FDE details and the option to request more info about the FDE recovery key, along with details to the device’s firmware password status.

Temporary Apps and Books Assignment

Now you can choose to make the applications distributed using the Apps and Books Assignment method available to end-users through the Self-Service App during a certain time.

Lost Mode for End-Users

You will now be able to log into Mosyle's web-based dashboard ( using your credentials in order to enable or disable Lost Mode on their devices. This provides you with the ability to view and request location, as well play sound. Through this dashboard, it is also possible to remove lock passcode.

Important note: this feature is only available when Single Sign-On authentication is enabled.

New options for Supervision Identity

When enrolling Apple devices using Automated Device Enrollment, you can choose different options for the Supervision Identity that allows iPad device pairing only with authorized computers. You can choose to configure these settings using the following options:

No Supervision Identity:
With this option, the iPad device can be paired with any computer.

Upload your own Supervision Identity: you must create an organization in Apple Configurator 2 and upload it to the Automated Device Enrollment profile to manage the devices' profile with the computers assigned to this Organization.

Download and use Mosyle Supervision Identity: you can download the Supervision Identity and configure it on your computer using the Apple Configurator 2.