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Google Meet
Google Meet
734 / 2000 licenses Used
ZOOM Cloud Meetings
ZOOM Cloud Meetings
302 / 1000 licenses Used
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Word
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Google Drive
Google Drive
1620 / 2000 licenses Used

Apple Apps & Books (VPP)

Remotely Deploy Any App

Mosyle fully supports Apple Apps & Books that allows enterprise customers to easily find, buy, and distribute any iOS or iPadOS App available on the App Store in volume.

By using your Apple Business Manager account, search for your desired apps and get the number of licenses you need. In a matter of seconds you will be able to see your new apps available in Mosyle. With only a few clicks, you can scope a single app or any group of apps to any set of devices or users, choosing between automatic installation or making them available for on-demand installation in the Mosyle Self-Service app.

New updates will be automatically pushed to every user. If an app is no longer needed by a user or device, just remove it and Mosyle will automatically uninstall the app and revoke the license so it can be used again in the future.

Not only Install, Update and Remove

Configure Apps

Mosyle Business not only automatically installs, updates, and removes iOS and iPadOS applications, it also allows companies to remotely configure supported applications, enforcing the same configurations for all users. This provides a pleasant experience to employees since their work apps can be 100% ready for them with no action needed. Mosyle Business also offers an extensive list of variables that can be used as part of the App Configuration to fully automate the process. Want to set the user for an app? Just add %UserId% to the configuration, push it to all your devices, and Mosyle Business will automatically enter the UserId for each user. The possibilities are endless.

Show at Self-Service for Temporary Use
Install all apps after saving the profile
Do not install all apps after saving the profile
Show at Self-Service for Temporary Use

A Solution for all Needs

Temporary Apps

Mosyle Business leverages the possibilities introduced by Apple Apps & Books by delivering innovative and powerful workflows designed to allow companies to achieve their goals when deploying and patching apps for iOS and iPadOS devices. Temporary Apps is one example and allows companies to acquire just the necessary number of licenses for apps that are not used constantly.

Temporary Apps will be organized on a catalog on Mosyle Self-Service Apps and when needed, employees just click to install.

A device-based license will be assigned to each device and the app will continue to be installed for the duration specified by the IT Admin.

At the end of that period, the license will be revoked and the app removed, releasing a license to be used by someone else.

All with no interaction from the IT Admin.

Securely Distribute your

Custom & Enterprise Apps

With Mosyle Business you can take full advantage of Custom Apps developed by your company or by a third-party developer for you, by easily distributing and updating them on all your iOS and iPadOS devices. Using Apple Developer Enterprise app instead? Not a problem. Mosyle Business will let you securely host, distribute, and update Enterprise apps by leveraging highly efficient, secure and automated flows. Put simply: it doesn’t matter what type of app (App Store, Custom or Enterprise) or how you want to distribute it (automatically, temporarily, or on-demand), Mosyle Business will always bring the most efficient and secure flows.