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Apple Apps & Books (VPP)

Deploy any app on the App Store

Mosyle fully supports Apple Apps & Books, allowing Enterprise customers to easily find, buy, and distribute any Mac app available on the App Store in volume.

Using your Apple Business Manager account, search for your desired Mac apps, get the number of licenses you need, and in a matter of seconds, you will be able to see your new apps available in Mosyle. With a few clicks, you can scope a single app or group of apps to any set of devices or users, choosing between automatic installation or making them available for on-demand installation in the Mosyle Self-Service app.

New updates will be automatically pushed to every user. If an App is no longer needed by a user or device, just remove it and Mosyle will automatically revoke the license so it can be used again in the future.

Not Available on the App Store? No Worries

App Catalog handles it

Mosyle App Catalog extends the same (or even better) convenience of installing App Store apps to macOS applications not yet available on the App Store. The entire flow of downloading and installing all applications available at Mosyle App Catalog will happen directly between each device and the developer of the app. No hosting or distribution is necessary by the company or Mosyle.

Many applications are already available in the Mosyle App Catalog and we will continue to add more based on customer feedback.

What about Patches and Permissions?

App Catalog Automates that too

Mosyle Catalog automates application updates, so you no longer need to track and deploy app updates for your Mac devices. When a new version of an application is available, Mosyle App Catalog can immediately push the update to all the scoped devices or allow the user the opportunity to have it done at their convenience before a configured deadline.

When installing a new app, Mosyle App Catalog will also automatically configure all necessary permissions (PPPC) for each application, creating a "grab & go" experience for deploying macOS apps remotely. It could not be easier.

Auto-install on Self-Service
Make available on Self-Service
Do not make available on Self-Service
Make available on Self-Service

App Installing & Patching

On Autopilot

Mosyle makes it extremely easy to completely automate the process of installing and patching apps on devices running macOS. Any set of macOS apps can be combined and scoped using any combination of several intuitive assignment options that goes from All Current and Future Devices, to specific User Groups, Device Groups, and Exceptions. Based on that, just pick all apps used by a specific department and assign it to a specific group. For example, applications used by your Marketing Department can be assigned to a marketing group from Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, or AD. You will never need to push an macOS app to any new member of your marketing team again. As soon as they are added to the group, Mosyle will do all the work so you can save an enormous amount of time.

That’s only one example. The same can be done leveraging Device Groups based on criteria, security compliance status and much more.