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Purpose-built & Fully-Integrated

macOS Antivirus

Mosyle Detection & Removal is the ideal antivirus replacement for macOS, detecting and neutralizing known malware from installing on your macOS devices in real-time. Detection & Removal is the first and only macOS antivirus to fully and natively integrate with an Apple Enterprise MDM, creating a new experience that enables the powerful Mosyle MDM tools for macOS to isolate, lock, and even wipe infected devices.

Detection & Removal automatically installs on current and future devices with an effortless installation flow and scope, guaranteeing they are protected from start without any action from the IT Administrator or end-user. Removing the friction of deployment and adoption is the key to the success for any security action. Mosyle Detection & Removal brings it to a new level, ensuring when a macOS endpoint is managed, it's also protected against malware installation.

Daily Scans Report Total Scans: Start Date: 04:00 PM - 02/18/21 End Date: 04:00 PM - 02/18/21

Real-time Protection with

On-Access Scanning

By leveraging the new Apple's Endpoint Security API through a System Extension, Mosyle Detection & Removal continuously monitors file activity.

A comprehensive set of system events is monitored 24x7, triggering real-time scanning to detect and neutralize a known malware immediately after it gets access to the Mac.


Malware Protection with

No Performance Trade-off

By leveraging native and modern monitoring methods for macOS security, including Endpoint Security API and System Extensions, Mosyle Detection & Removal is transparent to the end-user, generating no performance impact. Besides having their Macs protected, employees will not notice that Mosyle Detection & Removal is running, making it efficient and transparent, as any endpoint security solution should be.

Simplify Antivirus Deployment

With No Manual Work

With Mosyle Detection & Removal, installing and enforcing a Mac's specialized antivirus is fully automated and hassle-free. No more downloading PKG and DMG's for every update, coding install scripts, handling PPPC and extensions.

Mosyle Detection & Removal allows you to select any group of current or future devices and users, enable protection, and it handles the rest. The next thing you see is the report showing that your new device is being regularly scanned and protected.

Simple as that.

Easily Show the Antivirus Activity with

Auditing Reports

Whether it’s a security audit conducted by the internal Information Security team or as part of SOC2 Type II or ISO 2700, a common requirement is to provide evidence that all endpoints have an antivirus solution installed, are performing daily scans, and definitions are being updated during the entire audit period.

Mosyle Detection & Removal simplifies the entire process with a one-click export that consolidates all the information about protected Macs. The report provides auditors with everything they need while eliminating the time and hassle for IT and InfoSec teams.