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A Complete Solution for

Hardening macOS

macOS provides an extensive set of privacy and security tools, making the Mac the most secure endpoint for Enterprises. However, understanding how to correctly configure each device while respecting the most recognized cybersecurity agencies' recommendations is a relevant security challenge in a Work-from-Anywhere society. Cybersecurity threats are shifting from targeting networks to attacking endpoints directly, making devices the most important layer of defense for Enterprises.

With that in mind, Mosyle designed a fully automated macOS hardening tool that ensures, regardless of location, users are always leveraging sophisticated macOS privacy and security tools and following cybersecurity recommendations from leading organizations such as NIST.

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Fully Automated

Compliance Check

Imagine how hard it is to map the compliance of 3,000 Macs used by a remote workforce against 70 recommended controls? That represents more than 210,000 security control points checks.

Mosyle macOS Hardening & Compliance works 24/7 to automatically check all devices against enabled security controls, providing a real-time visualization of your entire Mac fleet's compliance.

Enable & Go with our Controls Repository

Enable & Go with Mosyle's

Controls Repository

Mosyle macOS Hardening & Compliance brings a complete repository of security controls to harden your macOS devices. All controls are mapped against leading benchmarks and popular enterprise security certifications, such as SOC2 Type II. It's as simple as selecting what controls to enable individually or in bulk and Mosyle will start to monitor and report the compliance status of each device for each control. Controls are customized to different macOS versions and are also immediately updated to keep full compatibility with future macOS updates. Finally, new controls are constantly added to our repository, providing even more possibilities for IT Admins and Information Security professionals.

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Use our Engine to Track

Custom Controls

The possibilities of Mosyle macOS Hardening & Compliance are not limited to the first-class set of controls available on our ready-to-go repository.

IT Admins and Information Security professionals can also leverage our engine to check macOS devices against customized or specialized controls.

Once created, the custom controls are seamlessly integrated with all other active controls, giving the same performance level and reporting for repository controls. The possibilities are endless when tracking security compliance for macOS devices in the Enterprise with Mosyle Hardening & Compliance.

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What's the Point of Checking if you Can't Fix It?

Automate Remediation

Identifying device out of compliance is only halfway to achieving compliance, especially when IT Admins and Information Security professionals don't have physical access to the Mac.

Mosyle Hardening & Compliance also delivers remediation functionality, bringing devices out of compliance to a compliant status automatically. No action is needed by IT Admins and Information Security professionals to remediate non-compliant devices.

From checking to remediating, our automated flows completely handle macOS Hardening & Compliance for your company with minimum work from your IT and InfoSec teams.

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Streamline your Security Audits

One-Click Auditing Reports

During internal security audits or security certification audits, gathering information to demonstrate your endpoints' compliance can be a nightmare. The process generates a lot of back-and-forth with auditors, requires hundreds of screenshots, and can deliver many doubts.

Mosyle Hardening & Compliance provides IT Administrators and Information Security professionals a simple one-click report that provides details for each device against every control. Just share that file with the auditor. They will assemble all the information necessary to validate your Macs' compliance, making macOS the most security audit-friendly OS in your organization.