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An essential Apple device management solution for your startup

So you’re looking to make strategic moves with your startup that will help you grow your business. We can help you with that. Mosyle automates device setup, management and provisioning, so you can focus on achieving your business dreams faster.

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Adopt Apple devices in a fast, scalable, and affordable way

Mosyle Business is an all-in-one Apple device management software for IT teams who want to streamline device adoption and enhance your employees’ experience. This is all done at a startup’s budget-friendly price, which is up to 90% off compared to other MDM solutions.

Better value, fairly priced

Better value, fairly priced

There are many different MDM solutions to choose from, but when you choose Mosyle Business, you’re receiving a competitively-priced MDM solution that’s made for startups. Our software can help you leverage Apple devices while maximizing your MDM budget for optimal success so you can scale your business exponentially.

Fully-featured and always adapting

Fully-featured solutions

We know what you need to enjoy a successful Apple deployment. That’s why we’ve created an MDM solution that has all the features you need for deploying corporate devices, and extra features that make the user experience even more enjoyable. We’re always working on adding new features based on customer feedback and suggestions.

Support system of specialists

Support system of specialists

Our priority is making sure that you have an enjoyable and smooth deployment experience. We have a team of highly-skilled technical support specialists to help you along the way. Our team has extensive knowledge in Apple management for enterprise, so you can rest assured knowing that we’ll go the extra mile for you.

Powerful tools to streamline and automate any Apple deployment:

  • Apple’s MDM Framework Apple’s MDM Framework

    All integrations and available features and protocols provided by Apple’s MDM framework are supported in Mosyle Business the day they are released. Our Customer Success team is always analyzing Apple’s documentation and framework for instant update, that means, if Apple adds support for any future, we immediately are ready to offer in Mosyle.

  • Agent App for Mac Agent App for Mac

    Accomplish system-level tasks like running custom scripts, installing third-party software, and installing PKGs. The agent app is also the Self-Service app, in which companies are able to open an in-house app and book catalog for employees to install the software they need – this empowers them with an easy way to have all the tools and configurations needed to be productive.

  • Identity Management Identity Management

    Mosyle Auth sets up user accounts and links them to modern authentication using cloud identity providers. Once the Mac boots up, users just need to log into your identity service and all configuration profiles will be automatically installed. This ensures they will have access to all their company settings and policies as soon as they turn on the Mac for the first time.

  • Apple Programs Integration Apple Integrations

    Mosyle Manager was designed to embrace and fully integrate with ABM/ASM (AxM) – including Apps and Books and Device Enrollment. All of this with the flexibility of a single, or multiple accounts, with no hassle, no matter if you are a small company with one ASM account, or a large holding with several organizations, all with different accounts.

Customer Case

Nubank provides users the easiest onboarding experience while ensuring data is safe with Mac devices and Mosyle

How Nubank found success managing their 1,000 Mac computers with Mosyle Business

The largest digital bank in the world and most highly valued private startup in Latin America, Nubank, is taking advantage of Mosyle’s solution to deploy and manage the most powerful and secure devices at their headquarters. The streamlined Mac deployment with Mosyle Business is helping the Nubank technology team further promote their corporate values of providing a great, zero-complexity, and zero-bureaucracy experience for both its customers and employees.

  • - Improved employee onboarding
  • - Reduce device management costs by 90%
  • - Faster and more responsive support
  • - In-house applications store
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Straightforward, simple and fair price for everything you need

Most enterprise software pricing is designed to overcharge the device – 40, 50, 60 dollars billed annually per unit. We don’t think that’s fair. At Mosyle, we combined the best techniques and growth hacking strategies to create a feature-rich, all-in-one Apple management solution without breaking the budget, allowing us to price the device correctly. Fair’s fair.

US$ 8.25


Jamf Pro for Mac
US$ 7.17


AirWatch Workspace
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Mosyle Business
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