How to achieve a perfect integration between Google Workspace and Apple devices at work

How to achieve a perfect integration between Google Workspace and Apple devices at work

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How to bring the convenience and protection of Single Sign-On to your work Macs

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The magical link between Apple devices and Google Workspace

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Businesses are never too small for managing and protecting their devices correctly

Businesses are never too small for managing and protecting their devices correctly

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The rise of a new generation of Apple endpoint software

The rise of a new generation of
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Google Workspace becomes tightly integrated with Apple through Mosyle

Google Workspace becomes tightly
integrated with Apple through Mosyle

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Enterprise-grade Apple Device Management

Enterprise-grade Apple Device Management

Zero‑Touch Deployment From box to work in less than 5 minutes.

Mosyle’s Enterprise‑grade Apple Device Management empowers IT teams to fully deploy and configure any Apple device automatically, without ever having to touch it.

Ship a brand new device - or a refreshed one - to an employee anywhere in the world and all they will need to do is turn the device on and connect to the internet. That’s it... in a few minutes the device is 100% work‑ready!

Remote Management

Amaze users with Mosyle Embark

Mosyle Embark is a beautiful, elegant and informative end-user Mac deployment tool that gives users visibility and status of tasks being performed on macOS. Automated battery alerts avoid interruption during deployment and Automated FileVault reboot workflow ensure full disk encryption before any device use.

Amaze users with Mosyle Embark

All the integrations you may need... and more!

Mosyle packages all the integrations necessary in a powerful and flexible way, fully integrating Apple devices into any business environment while achieving unparalleled levels of automation.

All the integrations you may need... and more!
Apple Device Management in Auto-Pilot

Apple Device Management in Auto‑Pilot

"Our Mac fleet has tripled in the last 2 years and guess how much more time I've spent managing Apple devices? None. Once you provision a new device, it's automatically added to a management group based on the user, and everything else is taken care of ... It's an absolute god send, and is pretty cheap..."

Built‑in Encrypted Peer‑to‑Peer Screen View

Maximum security and convenience with a built‑in Screen View tool designed for Apple administrators.

Built-in Encrypted Peer-to-Peer Screen View

Automated MDM Migration

No one has migrated more customers and devices from legacy Apple MDM providers than Mosyle. Tens of thousands of customers migrated millions of Apple devices during the last years, giving us unmatchable exposure to different environments, conditions and tools.

All of this experience has been translated into Mosyle’s new Automated MDM Migration tool, a powerful solution that will create in seconds a custom migration executable for each customer that will remove the work and hassle of the migration process.

Automated MDM Migration

Chrome Management for Apple devices

Mosyle extends remote management capabilities to Google Chrome to enable management beyond Apple’s operating system. Give employees the freedom to use their preferred browser without compromising on management and security.

Chrome Management for Apple devices
macOS Scripting Made Easy for Everyone

macOS Scripting Made Easy for Everyone

With Mosyle AlScript, Mosyle is the first solution to bring the power of generative Al to macOS scripting. It enables IT admins to use natural language to ask for and receive ready-to-use scripts for unlimited needs ranging from "check the battery health status" to "delete Auditorium from the list of saved SSIDs" and everything in between.

Mosyle Script Catalog brings ready-to-use scripts created and curated by Mosyle's development team for a "pick and go" experience. With Script Catalog, admins with zero scripting knowledge can unlock new levels of remote management possibilities and save precious time.

With Mosyle scripting tools, everything is possible!

Apple Watch Management First for Mosyle Customers

We did it again. Mosyle released immediate support to the recently introduced Apple Watch Management as part of iOS17 and watchOS10, ensuring Mosyle customers were the first to gain access to this new amazing Apple capability.

Easily enroll, configure and protect Apple Watch. Mosyle supports all features currently available for Apple Watch remote management.

No additional license or fee. Mosyle sees Apple Watch management as an extension of iPhone management. So all Apple Watch management features are included as part of an iPhone license.

Apple Watch Management

Talking about New Releases, no one has a better Zero-Day Track Record

Perfect track record for Zero-Day support to macOS, iOS, iPadOS and tvOS updates.

Test updates upfront with Beta releases designed to help users prepare for upcoming changes.

Embrace macOS, iOS, iPadOS and tvOS updates from the first second of deployment.

Zero-Day Track Record

Total Device Visibility

Have full and immediate access to all the information you may need about your Apple device at any moment and use it to build the most powerful automation workflows.

Total Device Visibility

Personalized Device Information with Custom Device Attributes

Create customized device attributes manually, through API or even as the response of a script, and use it for grouping or as variables in profiles and commands.

Personalized Device Information with Custom Device Attributes

Privacy Meets Management with User Enrollment for BYOD

Privacy Meets Management with User Enrollment for BYOD

Mosyle empowers businesses to balance employee privacy, company data management and protection for BYOD devices introduced by Apple’s User Enrollment.

  • Protects employees' privacy while keeping corporate data secure on BYOD Apple devices.
  • With cryptographic data separation, companies can manage a subset of configurations, policies and data without access to an employee’s personal data.
  • IT Admins can remotely remove all company data without impacting the employee’s device, privacy or data.
Next Generation Apple Endpoint Security

Next Generation Apple Endpoint Security

The Only AI‑Based Automated Zero Trust for Mac. Mosyle’s Automated Zero Trust, a silent macOS security tool that not only introduces Zero Trust security to Macs,
but also fully automates it with our proprietary LeeryAI™.

The Only AI-Based Automated Zero Trust for Mac.

Automatically allow to run only what you need with LeeryAl™.

LeeryAl'™, a powerful but light Artificial Intelligence engine, automatically tracks and evaluates every executable code running on each protected Mac and automatically builds and maintain a Trust List.

This is achieved by leveraging thousands of data points we uniquely have about each device due to our unique position as the one responsible for deploying and configuring each Mac, as well as and installing and patching applications.

The result is simple and powerful: everything your employees need will run; everything else will be blocked, including ransomware.

Automatically allow to run only what you need with LeeryAl™.

Automate Security Configuration and Compliance with Hardening & Compliance for macOS, iOS and iPadOS

Automate Security Configuration and Compliance with Hardening & Compliance for macOS, iOS and iPadOS

Mosyle’s Hardening & Compliance is the only solution on the market to cover not only Macs, but also iPhones and iPads used by organizations with an extensive ready‑to‑use security configurations library that monitors protected devices against security configurations mapped for CIS, NIS, SOC2 and PCI 24/7.

Hardening & Compliance also takes into consideration the OS version running on each device so the proper configurations are tracked for each individual device, regardless of the OS version each one is running.

More than tracking compliance, Hardening & Compliance can also automatically remediate each identified issue, ensuring that your fleet is always compliant without any action from IT and Security Admins or end‑users.

Finally, Hardening & Compliance rules can be used as dynamic policy scoping for any Mosyle profile or even for Microsoft Intune Third‑Party Device Compliance.

Purpose‑built & Fully‑Automated macOS NextGen Antivirus

Mosyle's NextGen Antivirus is built for macOS from the ground up, delivering ironclad protection against the latest threats without sacrificing performance.

Mosyle's NextGen Antivirus automatically enforces itself during device deployment, requiring no additional setup from IT or security admins. It's that effortless.

Mosyle leverages the power of Apple's Endpoint Security Framework to run seamless on‑demand and full system scans in the background, all while our cutting‑edge device-based AI and behavioral detection continuously learn and adapt, staying ahead of even the newest threats.

Experience the best of both worlds: robust security and unparalleled performance. Mosyle's NextGen Antivirus operates transparently, with no impact on your users' workflow or device speed.

Finally, device health status can be used as dynamic policy scoping for any Mosyle profile or even for Microsoft Intune Third‑Party Device Compliance.

Purpose-built & Fully-Automated macOS NextGen Antivirus

Admin when they need it, Standard when they don't. Mac Privilege Management with Admin On‑Demand

Admin when they need it, Standard when they don't. Mac Privilege Management with Admin On-Demand

Gone are the days of static admin rights, leaving Macs vulnerable to privilege escalation attacks. Mosyle's revolutionary solution ensures endusers only have admin access when they truly need it.

Customize the duration and scope of these temporary elevations, and grant granular control over the most common actions that require admin privileges.

Admin On‑Demand also provides unparalleled transparency and accountability, capturing the reason and context behind every privilege escalation, along with complete system logs during the entire access period. This ensures a clear audit trail, letting you pinpoint any suspicious activity and respond swiftly.

At the end of the escalation period, Mosyle’s Admin On-Demand automatically revokes elevated privileges, returning endusers to their standard accounts and eliminating the lingering risk of unauthorized access. It's a perfect combination between robust security and intuitive workflow, a testament to Mosyle's commitment to innovation.

Next Generation Apple Endpoint Security

Apple-specific Online Privacy & Security

The only Online Threat Protection Built for Apple Devices

The only Online Threat Protection Built for Apple Devices

Block malicious domains Block domains known for malicious activity, including fraud, malware distribution, phishing, spam URLs, spyware and others by leveraging a combination of high‑quality AI based data feeds and a proprietary feed specialized on online threats to Apple devices.

Block domains by age Domains used to distribute malware and perform other malicious activity are normally recently created to avoid being classified as malicious. Mosyle lets customers block domains based on their age.

Block based on hosting country Mosyle maintains a continuously updated list of where each domain is hosted and allows customers to block access to domains in any specific country.

Fully Automated Deployment & Configuration

Fully Automated Deployment & Configuration

Mosyle’s Online Privacy & Security solution is the only purpose‑built for Apple devices natively integrated with an Enterprise‑grade Apple Device Management tool, allowing organizations to enforce online security and compliance among all employees from the very first minute of use.

By leveraging Apple’s Network Extension, automatically enforced and configured by Mosyle’s Enterprise‑grade Apple Device Management, Mosyle’s Online Privacy & Security offers unbeatable automatization and convenience, while bringing a level of performance and efficiency on Apple devices that simply can’t be matched by any independent DNS security and filtering solution.

Finally, because of the native integration with Mosyle’s Enterprise-grade Apple Device Management, online security events and compliance can be dynamically used to trigger the installation or removal of configuration profiles, allowing (for example) for a VPN connection to be removed immediately if a device access a malicious domain.

No one else can do that.

Ensure Internet Privacy Anywhere

Mosyle’s Online Privacy & Security leverages 100% encrypted DNS requests for full privacy of all protected devices anywhere.

Automatically and remotely shield all work devices from internet ads and tracking engines, and ensure privacy even against Internet Service Providers (ISPs) logging.

Allow employees to connect in public networks such as hotels and airports with the confidence that their requests are totally transparent.

Talking about airports, Mosyle’s Online Privacy & Security brings an innovative solution to address a common challenge for users of DNS security: in‑flight internet. By leveraging native Apple OS mechanisms, Mosyle identifies and dynamically releases domains used in airplanes for internet service authentication, while keeping protection for all other domains accessed during the flight.

Finally, customize logging options to fit your Organization’s policies, ranging from full visibility of the internet history of each device and assigned end user, to fully anonymous mode, in one click.

Ensure Internet Privacy Anywhere

Filter the Internet your Way with Standard or Custom Filters

Filter the Internet your Way with Standard or Custom Filters

Based on legal and compliance requirements, organizations should always ensure that employee’s online activity is appropriate while using company resources.

Mosyle's Online Privacy & Security fully automates this task, allowing organizations to achieve high internet compliance on all Apple devices used at work.

From simply picking and enabling from a large set of ready‑to‑go standard filters curated by Mosyle, or creating very customized and granular filters with over 100 categories, Mosyle's Online Privacy & Security overdeliver in terms of web‑filtering capabilities.

With our powerful integrations with Google, Microsoft Bing and DuckDuckGo, Organizations can also enforce SafeSearch while blocking any additional search engine not compatible.

macOS Identity Management & SSO

macOS Identity Management & SSO

Enjoy a mind‑blowing SSO experience With your Favorite Provider

Enjoy a mind-blowing SSO experience With your Favorite Provider

Imagine a workflow where you create a new user at your Google Workspace and ship a brand-new Mac in the box to a new employee.

Next day she receives it at home, and excited to start on the new job, immediately turns on the Mac.

In the matter of seconds, a simple and familiar Google login page appears on her Mac. She enters the credentials of her new work email and … “voila”!

The Mac is totally configured automatically. A local account is created using her work email prefix, and the password she defined for Google is now also on her Mac.

On her next logins, all she needs to remember are her Google credentials.

This flow exists and is called Mosyle Auth. Simply choose between Google Workspace, Microsoft 365 for Business, Okta, Ping Identity, AD Federation Services (AD FS), LDAP Active Directory or on-premises Active Directory (no binding required), and we will do the rest.

Setting Up a New Mac Has Never Been Easier

Mosyle Auth is designed to work as part of Zero-Touch Deployment to bring it to an even higher level of automation.

In combination with Zero-Touch Deployment, Mosyle Auth will fully automate the Local User creation, drastically reducing the work required from end users when setting up their new Macs, while achieving a previously impossible level of standardization among all work Macs.

By leveraging dynamic variables such as Email Prefix, the Local User of every employee will follow the same pattern, empowering IT and Security Admins for any future action that needs to be remotely executed on each Mac, such as running a script, capturing a log or authenticating an application.

Setting Up a New Mac Has Never Been Easier

Bring 2-Factor Authentication to macOS

Mosyle Auth allows Organizations to enforce an important extra level of security by bringing two-factor authentication to Macs.

The Mosyle Auth workflow ensures that the same two-factor authentication step that’s enforced by your identity provider, such as Google, Microsoft, Okta, Duo or others for flawless web authentications, is also utilized on macOS devices.

This provides the same security and validation level for all your company solutions and employees’ Macs without the hassle of managing different 2FA methods for each login.

Bring 2-Factor Authentication to macOS

The Centralized Password Synced with macOS

The Centralized Password Synced with macOS

Mosyle Auth allows the auto-sync of the user’s SSO password with the Local User account on macOS.

What does that mean?

It’s simple ‑ end users can use the same password they use for Gmail or Microsoft 365 for everything on their Macs, including login, system approvals, unlocking FileVault and unlocking macOS.

It’s a true SSO experience for macOS.

Best-in-Market Apps & Patch Management

Best-in-Market Apps & Patch Management

A Perfect Managed OS Update Experience

Mosyle leverages the most modern Apple Operating Systems capabilities to empower IT and Security Admins with full and automated remote control over OS Updates for macOS, iOS, iPadOS, tvOS and watchOS.

Starting with Zero-Touch Deployment, simply define the minimum OS version required by your Organization and the user will be intuitively guided to update to the required version as part of the device deployment workflow. With that, from the very first minute of use, all devices of your Organization’s devices are already compliant and running the minimum required OS version.

From there, an automated configuration profile will take care of any future updates without the need for any action from the IT or Security teams. Just define a maximum delay period - let’s say 5 days - and the time of the day the update will be enforced if the user doesn’t update spontaneously and that’s it. For each new OS update released, end users will be notified, with increasing frequency as the limit date approaches, and if no action is adopted, at the specified time of the final limit day, the device will be automatically updated.

No more endless and frustrating emails and messages asking endusers to update their devices. Just set your Organization’s preference once and Mosyle will get all the work done.

A Perfect Managed OS Update Experience

Apple Apps & Books (VPP) Deploy any app in the App Store

Apple Apps & Books (VPP) Deploy any app in the App Store

Mosyle supports Apple Apps & Books better than any other provider, allowing business customers to easily find, buy, and distribute any App Store app in volume.

With a few clicks, you can scope a single app or group of apps to any set of devices or users, choosing between automatic installation or making them available for on‑demand installation in the Mosyle Self‑Service app.

New updates will be automatically pushed to every user. If a user or device no longer needs an app, just remove it and Mosyle will automatically revoke the license so it can be used again in the future.

The Most Complete and Automated Mac App Catalog

The Most Complete and Automated Mac App Catalog

To drive productivity, Organizations rely on a large group of apps. Yet, hundreds of common Mac apps used by businesses are not available at the Apple App Store. In fact, the vast majority of apps installed on Macs managed by Mosyle are not available at the App Store.

So, what’s the point of remotely installing only App Store apps if you need way more than that?

Mosyle’s Mac App Catalog offers an "App Store like” and fully automated experience for almost 300 apps not yet available on the App Store, including Google Chrome, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Edge, Zoom, Adobe Creative Cloud and many others. And this list continues to grow quickly based on requests from over 47,000 organizations using Mosyle.

Mosyle’s Mac App Catalog not only automates the installation of apps, but also grant all necessary permissions (PPPC) for each app as part of the same installation workflow. This ensures that when an employee opens a recently installed app, they won’t be prompted to grant all permissions the app needs, like Files or Camera access.

Finally, when new versions are available, automated and balanced update workflows ensure enforcement while avoiding any user disruption.

Fully prepared to install and patch PKG, DMG and ZIP on macOS.

Fully prepared to install and patch PKG, DMG and ZIP on macOS.

Complete support to Apple’s Custom Apps

Complete support to Apple’s Custom Apps.

Distribute In‑House and Enterprise Apps.

Distribute In-House and Enterprise Apps.
We’re proudly different!

We’re proudly Different

If we had to describe Mosyle using a single word that we would be confident our customers, team members and shareholders would agree, this word is DIFFERENT. So we decided to put this page together and share more about what makes us unique with friends like you.

We've attracted the top B2B software investors, but we never needed any money.

Mosyle has shattered the mold of Apple Device Management & Security. While others relied on massive venture capital, we bootstrapped our way to the top, achieving record profitability and free cashflow in the industry. We didn't just earn investor trust – we surpassed it.

But why raise $215 million if we didn't need it? Simple. We're playing the long game. This investment wasn't about survival; it was about evolution.

With the money, we facilitated exits for shareholders focused on short-term returns, welcoming and keeping only partners who share our unwavering commitment to long-term customer success. Because of our unique financial health and the long term alignment of our shareholders, we control our own destiny, and are empowered to make decisions solely based on what's best for our customers, year after year.

This laser focus on customer success isn't just a tagline; it's our DNA. It's why we offer more value than anyone in Apple Device Management & Security, delivering unmatched features and support at an unbeatable price. It's why every decision we make, from product roadmap to pricing strategy, prioritizes long-term needs of our customers.

Mosyle isn't going anywhere. We're here to stay, driven by a singular purpose: to be the best, most trusted Apple Device Management & Security partner you'll ever find. Join us on this journey and experience the Mosyle difference.

For us customer logos are not hunting trophies.

Over 47,000 organizations leverage Mosyle to manage and protect millions of Apple devices. Among those organizations there are several large companies, global brands, government entities, very large school districts but also local businesses, new startups, and inspiring non-profit organizations.

While competitors brag about their customers (misrepresenting in several opportunities) and expose them for the selfish goal of auto-promotion, we’re again DIFFERENT. Our values and culture don't allow us to see customer logos as hunting trophies that should be hung on the wall but as organizations that made the important decision of trusting their most important work for us to manage and protect, expecting from us nothing less than an unwavering commitment to delivering on their expectations.

So if you are looking for a list of impactful logos on our website, you won’t find it and that’s intentional. While we understand that it may be beneficial for a new potential customer to see known brands on our website as part of building initial trust, we also believe that you would not want your logo hanging on our website one year from now.

Focus on long-term customer relations over short-term revenue growth.

Standing apart in a landscape of short-term gains, we at Mosyle focus on building long-term relationships with our customers. Unlike others driven by quarterly pressures or fleeting funding rounds, we invest in establishing trust, loyalty, and reciprocity.

This commitment allows us to continuously improve product quality and reach, releasing new modules and features regularly, and making them available to our customers at no additional cost. This continuous development ensures our products become progressively more valuable over time, resulting in decreasing cost per user for our customers. In contrast, our competitors often charge for each new feature, inflating customer costs and ultimately hurting value.

It also drives us to work hard to maintain consistent pricing. We understand the frustration of constant price hikes. While we cannot guarantee future price stability, we are proud to say we have never raised prices and strive to avoid doing so in the future. This stands in stark contrast to competitors who frequently increase their costs, leaving customers frustrated and searching for alternatives.

By prioritizing long-term customer relationships over short-term gains, we believe we are building a stronger, more sustainable future for both our company and our valued customers.

We would love to hear from you!

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