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Transparent, predictable, cost-effective MDM solution for Enterprise since day one. Finally.


Inventory Information


Gain instant access to relevant information across your devices

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Configure and Manage Devices

US$ 1

Price per device/month

Billed as one annual payment

or US$ 1.25 per device/month, billed monthly

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US$ 6.15

Price per device/month

Optional Add-On

Mosyle Auth for Mac Login Window

US$ 0.34

Price per device/month

(paid annually)

  • Enhance Login Window bringing SSO and AD functionality, no binding required
  • Set up local user accounts and link them to modern authentication using cloud IdPs
  • Support to G-Suite, Azure AD, Office 365, AD FS, LDAP and On-Premise AD

Special discount for Higher Education Institutions. Contact our team to find out more

Mosyle Business Free


Inventory Information
  • View device inventory information
  • View application inventory information
  • Integrate with Apple Business Manager
  • Easily assign devices to your users
  • Zero‑touch enrollment through DEP
Mosyle Business Premium


Configure and Manage Devices
  • All Free Features +
  • Set up management profiles
  • Run custom scripts remotely
  • Apply corporate privacy policies
  • Push PKG files to your devices
  • Install App Store & Enterprise apps
  • Unlimited access to our Support Team

Don’t break your bank – estimate your savings

We never charge any extra fees for setup, onboarding or support. Charges are based on a pre-paid subscription for the number of devices to be enrolled in the MDM. Simple as that.

Mosyle Business Savings

MDM market average total:

Current MDM solution total:

Annual savings with Mosyle:

That means you could invest your year-savings into:




tvOS Management solution free for all customers

Companies managing their iOS and/or macOS devices using Mosyle Business will not be charged for the management of their Apple TVs (tvOS version 10 or greater) – no limits on the number of Apple TVs enrolled and managed. The free of charge licenses for Apple TVs will last for the same duration as the licenses acquired for the iOS and macOS devices.

How you will keep your pricing low?

How will you be keeping your pricing low?

Our price is not low, believe us. It’s just correct. Most enterprise software pricing is designed to over charge you for the device – 40, 50, 60 dollars billed annually per unit. We don’t think that’s fair. At Mosyle, we combined the best techniques and strategies used by all great exponential startups to create a well-fitted, reliable, and scalable MDM solution without breaking the budget, allowing us to price the device correctly. Fair’s fair.

Scale your Apple deployment

We believe savings on deployment and device management, combined with high customer satisfaction, will create favorable conditions to promote tremendous growth of iPad, iPhone and Mac deployments.

Great experience, incredible savings

We transformed how MDM can be in schools, now it’s time to achieve that in Enterprise: Mosyle solutions combine high customer satisfaction and saving you up to 70% - 90% on your MDM budget.