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Mosyle Auth 2

A real SSO experience for macOS.

Mosyle Auth 2
Identity Providers

Your Identity Provider

Now also on your Macs

Mosyle Auth 2 gives Enterprise the control of the macOS LoginWindow, allowing companies to enforce a critical, extra level of security and standardization to all company-owned Macs while giving the end-user the simplicity of using their work credentials to authenticate their Macs, making the favorite work device even more convenient.

Choose between Google Workspace, Microsoft 365 for Business, Okta, Ping Identity, AD Federation Services (AD FS), LDAP Active Directory or on-premises Active Directory (no binding required), and we will do the rest.

Create a Local User on macOS as:

Standard User
Admin User
Check User Group to determine the User Type
Create Local User based on Mosyle User Type

Define the local user account name:

Mosyle Auth will automatically create the local user using the account name below.

Enable FileVault

Creating a New Local User

Was Never so Easy

Mosyle Auth 2 adds a new automation layer to Zero-Touch deployment while ensuring all Local Users on company-owned Macs follow the same standard for the account name.

Just select what type of user you’re creating by levering a large set of possible variables, define the account name and Mosyle Auth 2 will automate the rest.

Multiple settings can be configured and assigned to different groups of devices.

Two-factor authentication

Ensure Security and Compliance

2-FA and SSO on all your Macs

Mosyle Auth 2 gives Enterprise the control of macOS LoginWindow, allowing companies to enforce an important extra level of security by bringing 2 Factor Authentication to company-owned Macs.

Mosyle Auth 2 workflow ensures the same 2-FA step that’s enforced by your Identity Provider for web authentications works flawlessly on macOS devices. This provides the same security and validation level for all your company solutions and employees' Macs without the hassle of managing different 2-FA methods for each login.

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The Centralized Password

Synced with macOS

Mosyle Auth 2 allows the auto-sync of the user's SSO password with the Local User account on macOS, so you can use the same password for login in, system approvals, unlocking FileVault and unlocking macOS.

It’s a true SSO experience all around macOS.