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The only
Apple Unified Platform
for Business

Mosyle is the only solution that fully integrates 5 different applications on a single Apple-only platform, allowing Businesses to easily and automatically deploy, manage & protect all their Apple devices.

Much more than an Apple MDM. Mosyle is everything you need to work with Apple.

Gear icon Enhanced Apple Device Management
FREE for up to 30 devices!

Offering far more than the basic capabilities of Apple MDM solutions, Mosyle is enhanced with highly critical features to allow businesses to remotely perform and automate any task needed to manage and secure corporate Apple devices.

Over 50% of the top Apple MDM features used by Mosyle customers are performed completely or partially by Mosyle’s proprietary management technology.

Apple Devices

macOS, iOS, iPadOS & tvOS

Welcome to the brand-new Apple Watch Management

Apple Watch Management
  • We did it again. Mosyle once again released immediate support to the recently introduced Apple Watch Management as part of iOS17 and watchOS10, ensuring Mosyle customers were among the first to gain access to this new amazing Apple capability.
  • Easily enroll, configure and protect Apple Watch. Mosyle supports all features currently available for Apple Watch remote management.
  • No additional license or fee. Mosyle sees Apple Watch management as an extension of iPhone management. So all Apple Watch management features are included as part of an iPhone license.

The perfect way to welcome your users on their new Macs with Mosyle Embark

?Mosyle Embark
  • Beautiful, elegant and informative end-user Mac deployment tool.
  • Full visibility and status of tasks being performed on macOS during deployment.
  • Automated battery alerts to avoid interruption during macOS deployment.
  • Customized options to lock or allow device usage during configuration.
  • Automated FileVault reboot workflow to ensure full disk encryption before any device use.

All the integrations you may need. And Much More!

All the integrations you may need. And Much More!
  • Full support for Apple programs and APIs
  • Support for multiple Apple Business Manager accounts
  • Support for multiple Apps & Books (VPP) tokens
  • Complete support for BYOD with Apple's User Enrollment
  • Deep integration with Google Workspace
  • Deep integration with Microsoft 365 for Business
  • Integration with Okta, Ping, and other Identity Providers
  • Complete API for custom integrations and automations

Just set and GO with Fully Automated Workflows

Fully automated

Rather than explaining this point ourselves, we’ve decided to share a few words from a Mosyle customer:

"Our Mac fleet has tripled in the last 2 years and guess how much more time I’ve spent managing Apple devices? None. Once you provision a new device, it’s automatically added to a management group based on the user, and everything else is taken care of ... It's an absolute god send, and is pretty cheap...”

Easily share your screen with Encrypted Screen View

Encrypted Screen View

Maximum security and convenience with a built-in
Screen View tool designed for Apple administrators.

  • No need to install and patch an additional solution
  • One click Screen View request
  • Full compatibility for Mac, iPad and iPhone
  • Encrypted Peer-to-Peer connection between devices
  • On-demand setup for maximum security

Chrome is Better on a Mac Chrome Management for Mac

Chrome is better on Mac

Mosyle for Macs extends remote management capabilities to Google Chrome to enable management beyond Apple’s operating system. Give employees the freedom to use their preferred browser without compromising on management and security.

  • Safely and automatically manage Chrome Extensions
  • Enforce Content Filtering on Chrome
  • Automate all the Chrome bookmarks you need
  • Filter YouTube and much more!

macOS Scripting Made Easy for Everyone

macOS Scripting. Made Easy for Everyone

With Mosyle AIScript, Mosyle is the first solution to  bring the power of generative AI to macOS scripting. It enables IT admins to use natural language to ask for and receive ready‑to‑use scripts for unlimited needs ranging from “check the battery health status” to “delete Auditorium from the list of saved SSIDs” and everything in between.

Mosyle Script Catalog brings ready‑to‑use scripts created and curated by Mosyle’s development team for a “pick and go” experience. With Script Catalog, admins with zero scripting knowledge can unlock new levels of remote management possibilities and save precious time.

With Mosyle scripting tools, everything is possible!

New Possibilities are Always Available Committed to Day-Zero

Commited to Day-Zero

Try new possibilities before anyone else!

  • Perfect track record for Day-Zero support to macOS, iOS, iPadOS and tvOS updates
  • Test updates upfront with Beta releases designed to help users prepare for upcoming changes
  • Embrace macOS, iOS, iPadOS and tvOS updates from the first second of deployment

Privacy Meets Management User Enrollment for BYOD

User Enrollment

Mosyle empowers businesses to balance employee privacy, company data management and protection for BYOD devices introduced by Apple’s User Enrollment.

  • Protects employees' privacy while keeping corporate data secure on BYOD Apple devices
  • With cryptographic data separation, companies can manage a subset of configurations, policies and data without access to an employee’s personal data.
  • IT Admins can remotely remove all company data without impacting the employee’s device, privacy or data

Gear icon Automated Apple-specific
Endpoint Security

With the growing number of vulnerabilities and malware specifically designed to infect Apple devices, it’s more important than ever to ensure Apple devices used for work are always protected.

Mosyle offers the most complete and integrated set of security tools for Apple devices, ensuring automated compliance, prevention and remediation, without any impact on performance and usability.

Apple Devices

Automate Security
Configuration with
Hardening & Compliance

Enable System Security Update Installs interface preview showing the percentage of devices are currently compliant with this rule.
  • Extensive ready-to-use security configurations library
  • Automated 24/7 monitoring
  • Mapping for CIS, NIST, SOC2 and PCI
  • Specialized for each supported macOS version
  • Compliance status as dynamic policy scoping
  • Automated remediation for non-compliant devices
  • Easy to create any custom compliance rules

Purpose-built & Fully-Automated macOS NextGen Antivirus

On'Access scan interface preview showing details like total scans, start and end date.
  • Exclusively focused on macOS threats and malwares
  • Fully automated enforcement since the first Mac boot
  • Designed with native monitoring methods for macOS
  • Fully-automated and real-time on-demand scans
  • Automated full system scans
  • Device-based AI and behavioral detection
  • Transparent to end-user. No performance impact
  • Health status as dynamic policy scoping for automated isolation

Dramatically reduce risk with Admin On-Demand

Admin On-Demand interface preview showing the user input to set Admin privileges duration.
  • First and only Privilege Management solution for macOS
  • Materially reduces risk of malicious privilege escalation
  • Ensure users only have Admin when they really need it
  • Customize when and how end-users can have Admin privileges
  • Capture reasons and context for each escalation
  • Capture complete system logs during the escalation period
  • Automatically revoke the privileges when the period is over
  • Perfect balance between threat-prevention and usability.

Globe icon Automated Apple-specific
Internet Privacy & Security

Mosyle’s Encrypted DNS Privacy & Security solution is the market’s first offering built to automate web security, privacy and filtering exclusively on Apple devices.

By focusing on the device instead of the network, Mosyle arms businesses with fast, secure, and reliable web filtering and end user privacy for Apple devices at work, or on the go.

iPhone showing the message 'Threat Blocked'

Fully Automated Deployment & Configuration

Fully automated deployment & configuration
  • First and only web security designed for Apple devices
  • Protection and compliance at first minute of device use
  • Fully automated deployment and enforcement
  • No additional software required
  • Health status as dynamic policy scoping for automated isolation

Ensure Internet Privacy Anywhere

Internet Privacy
  • 100% encrypted DNS requests for total privacy anywhere
  • Protection against internet ads and tracking engines
  • Privacy against Internet Service Provider logging
  • Full transparency on public networks such as airports
  • Customized logging options. Go from full visibility of the internet history to fully anonymous mode in one click.

The only Online Threat Protection Designed for Apple Devices

Threat Protection

Block malicious domains
Block domains known for malicious activity, including fraud, malware distribution, phishing, spam URLs, spyware and others by leveraging a combination of high-quality AI based data feeds and a proprietary feed specialized on online threats to Apple devices.

Block domains by age
Domains used to distribute malware and perform other malicious activity are normally recently created to avoid being classified as malicious. Mosyle lets customers block domains based on their age.

Block based on hosting country
Mosyle maintains a continuously updated list of where each domain is hosted and allows customers to block access to domains in any specific country.

With Standard or Custom Filters. Filter the Internet your Way.

  • Efficient and automated enforcement of web content filtering on Apple devices
  • Achieve high internet compliance on work devices
  • Several ready-to-go standard filters curated by Mosyle
  • Create custom filters with over 100 categories.
  • Automatically enforce SafeSearch mode on Google, Microsoft Bing, and DuckDuckGo
  • Automatically neutralize ways to bypass filtering

Three asterisks macOS Single Sign-On
with Mosyle Auth 2

Let employees use their single work credential also on their Macs.

Mosyle Auth 2 gives businesses the control of the macOS login window to replace the traditional local authentication method for whatever Single Sign-on solution your company adopts.

Mosyle Auth 2 enforces a critical level of security and standardization to all company-owned Macs while providing the end-user with a simple and convenient log-in experience.

Login interface

Enjoy a mind-blowing SSO experience With your Favorite Provider

Select devices dialog

Imagine a workflow where you create a new user at your Google Workspace and hand a brand-new Mac still in the box to a new employee. She turns the Mac on and simply sees a Google login page. The credentials are entered and “voila”!

The Mac is configured automatically, a local account is created, password synced with Google Workspace and all apps are installed.

Choose between Google Workspace, Microsoft 365 for Business, Okta, Ping Identity, AD Federation Services (AD FS), LDAP Active Directory or on-premises Active Directory (no binding required), and we will do the rest.

Setting Up a New Mac Has Never Been Easier

Setting up new Mac
  • Enhance Zero-Touch deployment with standardized Local User creation
  • Customizable with automated variables for account name
  • Enforce user privilege level at first access to the Mac
  • Ensure security with FileVault encryption immediately
  • Create customized settings for different groups of users or devices

Add Extra Security on your Macs With Mac 2-Factor Authentication

2-Factor authentication

Mosyle Auth 2 allows companies to enforce an important extra level of security by bringing two-factor authentication to Macs.

The Mosyle Auth 2 workflow ensures the same two-factor authentication step that’s enforced by your identity provider, such as Google, Microsoft, Okta , Duo or others, for flawless web authentications on macOS devices.

This provides the same security and validation level for all your company solutions and employees’ Macs without the hassle of managing different 2FA methods for each login.

The Centralized Password Synced with macOS

The centralized password synced with macOS

Mosyle Auth 2 allows the auto-sync of the user’s SSO password with the local user account on macOS.

What does that mean?

It’s simple - end users can use the same password they use for Gmail or Microsoft 365 for everything on their Macs, including login in, system approvals, unlocking FileVault and unlocking macOS.

It’s a true SSO experience for macOS.

Apps icon Enhanced Apps Management
(Including Non-App Store)

Mosyle offers the most complete set of features allowing customers to remotely deploy, update and manage literally any compatible app on Apple devices, regardless if the app is available at the Apple’s App Store.

The workflows for apps are totally automated, allowing companies to scope apps to employees and never touch it again, representing auto-pilot experience for all needs related to apps and Apple devices.

Mosyle 'self-service' interface

Fully automated macOS App Management With Mosyle App Catalog

Select devices dialog
  • An App Store like experience when installing macOS apps not yet available on the App Store
  • Over 250+ fully automated apps available and growing
  • New apps added weekly based on customer request
  • Automated configuration for all necessary permissions (PPPC) for each app
  • Support for on-demand installation through Mosyle Self-Service
  • Balanced update workflows ensuring enforcement while avoiding any user disruption

Install and Patch any macOS app Including Those Unavailable in the App Store

macOS Applications

There is a high probability you and your team rely on multiple of these apps, correct?

To drive productivity, you want access to as many apps as possible. Yet, hundreds of common apps used by businesses are not available at the Apple App Store. In fact, the vast majority of apps installed on Macs that Mosyle manages are not available at the App Store.

So, what’s the point of remotely installing only App Store apps if you need way more than that?

Mosyle offers several tools, from Mosyle App Catalog to remote installation of PKGs and DMGs, that enable you to remotely install and patch ANY app available for Apple devices regardless if they’re at the Apple App Store or not.

Apple Apps & Books (VPP) Deploy any app in the App Store

Apple Apps & Books (VPP)

Mosyle supports Apple Apps & Books better than any provider, allowing business customers to easily find, buy, and distribute any App Store app in volume.

With a few clicks, you can scope a single app or group of apps to any set of devices or users, choosing between automatic installation or making them available for on-demand installation in the Mosyle Self-Service app.

New updates will be automatically pushed to every user. If a user or device no longer needs an app, just remove it and Mosyle will automatically revoke the license so it can be used again in the future.

Fully Included Onboarding and Support Regardless if you are a newbie or an expert, we will get you covered on all your needs.


Initial Configuration & Training

Fully Included Onboarding and Support

Starting at the first moment of your trial at no cost, Mosyle customers will have unlimited access to our amazing Onboarding Team. This group has helped over 40,000 customers fully configure their Mosyle accounts based on individual goals and deeply understand Mosyle, regardless of their level of experience.

Just engage with our Onboarding Team, and we will make sure you have a perfect experience managing all aspects of your Apple devices.


Unlimited Support

Unlimited Support Included

At Mosyle, success is measured by how engaged our customers are with our products.

From onboarding through technical support, all customer connections are made by members of Mosyle’s team with a common goal: provide unlimited help to our customers.

Every time you engage the support team, you should expect an effective and quick solution. You will never be asked to “upgrade your support tier” to receive the appropriate help.

Best Everything. Price Included.

At Mosyle, our goal is to design cloud solutions that increase the experience of organizations with Apple devices, making them the indisputable lead device for education and corporate use. To achieve this, we need to create great solutions and ensure they are accessible for all companies. Affordability plays a vital role in achieving that. Long before Mosyle made any product, we started with a vision of offering high-quality solutions at low prices. After years of experience with millions of devices under our management, we can finally say we made that vision a reality.

    • Enhanced Device Management Enhanced Device
    • Endpoint Security Endpoint
    • Internet Privacy & Security Internet Privacy
      & Security
    • Single Sign-On Single
    • Enhanced Apps Management Enhanced Apps
    • Onboarding & Support Onboarding &
    White surface background art
    US$ 1.50 month per iPhone & iPad
    US$ 3.00 month per Mac
    Minimum of 30 licenses required. Billed annually.
    • Enhanced Device Management Enhanced Device
    • Endpoint Security Endpoint
    • Internet Privacy & Security Internet Privacy
      & Security
    • Single Sign-On Single
    • Enhanced Apps Management Enhanced Apps
    • Onboarding & Support Onboarding &
    White surface background art
    US$ 1.00 month per Mac, iPhone & iPad
    Minimum of 30 licenses required. Billed annually.
    • Enhanced Device Management Enhanced Device
    • Endpoint Security Endpoint
    • Internet Privacy & Security Internet Privacy
      & Security
    • Single Sign-On Single
    • Enhanced Apps Management Enhanced Apps
    • Onboarding & Support Onboarding &
    White surface background art
    FREE For up to 30 devices
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Step 2
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Step 3
During the following 30 days, our Onboarding Team will provide you with all the help you need, from scripts to quotes (if you ask for it).
Step 4
When your trial is over, you will be free to decide if you want to subscribe to Mosyle FUSE or Mosyle Business PREMIUM.
Step 5
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[ Mosyle Apple Unified Platform - Video Transcript ]

People think computers are magic. They’re not!

But do I get any credit for when they work like magic?

Mosyle’s Apple Unified Platform integrates all the solutions I need to manage and protect thousands of Macs, iPhones and iPads into one optimized, Apple-only product.

Letting us easily deploy, manage, and protect all our Apple devices. Automatically.

Like magic!

With Mosyle’s Apple Unified Platform, I have access to much more than the best Apple MDM on the market.

It offers the most complete set of security tools specially designed for Apple devices.

It allows employees to use their Google or Microsoft credentials to log in on the Macs.

It ensures all devices and employees are safe while using the internet and opening links, wherever they are.

And it lets me automate the installation and update of any app on all our Apple devices.

By the way, how do you currently remotely install Zoom or Google Chrome on your company Macs? Ask employees to do it?

With Mosyle’s Apple Unified Platform, we always have our devices configured, compliant and totally protected.

And the best thing: I don’t need to do anything. But don’t tell my boss about that. I still deserve a raise.

Plus, because Mosyle runs directly on each Apple device, employees are protected anywhere.

Perfect for hybrid work.

Worried about the cost? Relax. Mosyle’s Apple Unified Platform is cheaper than any one of the 5 solutions it’s replacing!

It’s genius. And I’m a genius for finding it!

Actually I am a genius, I’ve been test-

Now with Mosyle taking care of our Apple… everything.

I have a lot more time, for.. you know, magic.

Okay, you can leave now.

Mosyle. The only Apple Unified Platform for Business.

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